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sleep or lack of


If I cant exercise cardiac etc, I don't burn enough for good sleep, mental function etc.This is what ive tried:

sound machine, pillows, must wear mask light sensitive, ear plug, black out curtains, sleep apnea machine, music, bear , blankie, lullabys,raise head of bed, eat before bed not eat before bed, cool room, leg issues so I spandex it, soak, benedryl, lunesta, magnesium calcium.....I can stay up 4 days without doing at least 3 of the above....meditation, music, breathing there anything else?Melatonin makes me hallucinate.

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Looks like you've tried an awful lot! Have you asked your doctor recently about other options? Too much time without restful sleep makes me feel terrible in many ways. I do pray you find something that helps you soon. Please keep us updated about your progress.

jackiesj in reply to greaterexp

Will let you know at 4 am!( is a grt place to put feelings down and they coywright..........

Gee, jackiesj, your post has me counting my blessings. Sleep rarely eludes me. But when it does, I take ambien. It works for me. greaterexp was right. You need to ask your doc. Praying you get some good rest. 💕

Jackiej can I just say I was getting tiered just reading it sorry just had to say that. I am one of those people who just can't fall asleep 😴 it me awhile to fall asleep. Well I better start now

Good night 😴


I take Lunesta and if I wake up, counting backwards from 1000 works -I think because you have to focus on the higher #s and I don't start thinking @ my day. I also take 400mg mag esium in the eve.

Think about other meds etc that might be interfering with your sleep.

I have to eat before sleep to get tired. They say coconut milk, turmeric and honey help (haven't tried it )

Is your blankie a weighted blanket?

Is your music binaural delta waves for sleep?

Other drugs to consider: restoril (temazepam), doxepin,

Some swear by progestin for peri/menopausal women

Good luck!

Doubled51 in reply to erash

I've been taking temazepam and doxepin for a couple of years now. Even with my cpap machine I still have trouble falling asleep. But I have a very high tolerance to medications. But they might work for you. Not sleeping is miserable. Good luck and God bless.


jackiesj I listen to somewhat boring audio books (on my phone) read by someone with a soothing voice. This helps me to fall asleep and I also turn it on again when I wake up. I've found that Henry James books, read by Nicolas Clifford on are perfect for me. You can get a free app with annoying commercials that wake you up, or a one time fee of $1.99 to purchase the app.

I have really bad insomnia issues so i take a list of pills to help me sleep. I take ambien, melatonin, 30mg baclofen, 10mg flexeril, 50mg primidone, 1mg klonopin.

If that doesnt work i double up on everything - which is dangerous so i dont recomend it- but to me lack of sleep is dangerous as well.

My home health care nurses monitor what i take and report back to my doc on my sleep or lack thereof, and sometimes she will prescribe restoral to help but that one makes me hallucinate.

Insomnia is horrible to deal with and i wish u the best of luck. Keep in close contact with ur doc is my advice. They do understand what lack of sleep can do to a person and r the best equipped to help.

I make cardio a priority before 6pm, since I pass out at 10pm. I use to have terrible insomnia and yes, melatonin is the devil. I took klonopin for years for it. Rarely I will take unisom (not the one with Benadryl) if it's been a rough few days. I don't like the way I feel the morning after a sleep aid, hinders my workout, which continues the vicious cycle.

No blue screens or TV before bed. I get out of bed and go read a book if it's been 45 minutes without sleep, so that my brain doesn't associate my bed with the place where sleep isn't suppose to happen. I don't eat much fake food/processed stuff. No caffeine after 2pm. I can't sleep without my Noisli app, I use the white and brown noise. I won't survive a zombie apocalypse once my cell battery dies.

Google sleep hygiene for more information and ideas, GL!

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