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Anyone used a Fitbit or something similar to track their sleep. I've been so tired, feel like I toss and turn all night and have crazy dreams that repeat all night. Wanted to see how much sleep I actually get.

So I got a tracker and all week out of seven hours in bed a night I'm averaging less than two hours of good sleep!

I know the trackers are not totally accurate but it's definitely how much I feel I get each night. So exhausted all the time. What experiences have you all had?

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  • Stacey.....I am not on the same drug your on, however my hair is also falling out. My MD. Did a blood test and found out that my Thyroid was either high or low, sorry I can't remember and he put me on a medication to get my thyroid in normal range. Also told me it was very important to have your thyroid in check!

    You may want to try that!

    Good Luck!!


  • StacyHayward I have a fitbit but haven't tried the sleep monitoring. I'm with erash and not sure I want to know. If your report this to your neuro, please let us know what he says.

  • Have you been for a sleep study. It was one of the first things my neuro had me do.

  • No i havent

  • StacyHayward been wanting me as soon as I get the money!!! I don't think I ever get R.E.M. Sleep

  • I'very used mine to track my sleep for a couple of years. I find it especially helpful now that my sleep is more difficult. I can look to see if there are patterns. Very helpful.

  • Yes, have Fitbit and use it for sleep monitoring, steps and exercise. Surprised to know my sleep patterns and at times are sleeping better than I thought!

  • Do you track it in regular mode or sensitive? Regular mode looks like I sleep great, which I don't. Sensitive mode looks like I don't sleep at all, which is how I feel but not necessarily accurate.

  • OK, I'm from the "dark ages" and don't have a smart phone. Is there any sleep tracker for those of us who aren't that connected, and still have a flip phone? We are older, mostly go together everywhere, and don't care what everyone else is doing! We just use it when one of us leaves home alone, for security purposes.

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