Sleep Nerves

I'm having trouble sleeping due to itch/ nerve "pain". It's always there but only really affects me once I lay down for bed. Feels like bugs crawling all over me - hate it. Muscle stiffness/ spasticity wakes makes me up occasionally but the worst is trying to get to sleep when I feel like I want to scratch my skin off. Anybody know of anything to help with this? Thanks in advance.


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15 Replies

  • Hi. I had for over 6 months shocks only after laydown, any part of my body, ramdom. I did research and learned to use Hemp oil in my skin, special over my legs, but it is very good for full hydratation(but does not absorb fast,little messy). Its help me a lot with my dry skin and help to calm my sensitivity all over my thin, dry skin. The hemp oil is from Nutiva brand made in Canada. You can get in any good health food, supplement store like Wholefood. Also I take every night and every morning magnesium malate or citrate, which helps to reduce cramps. If want to add one more, take L-theonine to help relax, it is natural or drink green tea with ginger, fresh brew at home.

  • There are meds that might help. Check with your neuro. Perhaps gabapentin, baclofen, ...

  • Yes! I use Melatonin. It's a non-addictive, natural sleep aid. I've used it for about 2 yrs. I use it to regulate my sleep pattern...especially when my legs give me the blues once I get "horizontal" for the night. I keep the dissolvable tabs on my night stand and take anywhere from 1-4mg. I don't use it every night, or even every week. That proves that it's non-addictive. Melatonin is naturally occurring in our real med interactions. I hope this helps. Blessings

  • Omg I feel you.. Honestly what helped me was a week stay in the hospital to get steroids ... Any way that's not the point .. I was given gabapentin and it made it feel so much better !!! My right arm is full of scars because it would just be itchy.. But like I said gabapentin worked wonders and tinzanadine works for muscle spasms .. It just makes me have less artacks.. Idk what I would do without those two pills..

  • I take gabapentin for this issue. I take 600mg a couple hours before bedtime and it takes away all that itch/twitch/jerk. Its like a miracle for me! And its so nice to know others suffer with it, I thought maybe I was the only one.

  • Gabapentin helps for me, I take 3600 a day unless I'm going through a rough spell, then I take 4800/day. I take 10mg Baclofen 3xday.

  • Thanks all, guess I'll have to talk with my neurologist with this in mind. Appreciate the input.

  • I use melatonin for sleep - this brand works for me: Douglas Labs.

  • Gabapentin is one alternative. I use Lyrica, which works for me. Also, medical cannabis, or CBD oil which is legal in all states!

  • Great answers for this one. Hope you found some good info on this topic, Audiophile. If not, there is always the Spasticity Alliance website, which is a recently-formed group of like-minded MS and other neuro-organizations (including us at MSAA), dedicated to helping people with info and resources for spasticity:

    John, MSAA

  • Thanks, I will check out the spasticityalliance. Appreciate the link. Definitely some good ideas to try.

  • Glad to help! It's a great comprehensive site on the subject.

    John, MSAA

  • Update: CBD oil has been great. I sleep all night without waking. Half a dropper an hour before bedtime. Just what works for me.

  • Audiophile does it inerefere with your other meds?

  • Right now I'm only on Copaxone. I wouldn't be able to tell whether it has any conflicting attributes. Copaxone takes out t cells which is similar to how other ms meds target specific parts of the immune system to control what is attacked. CBD oil protects the brain from harm (sorry, overgeneralization). The FDA has a patent on it, if you can believe it. US patent 6,630,507. It helps to prevent future lesions. I won't get into it too deeply just yet so as to keep this forum separate from heavy politics involved. Feel free to dig at me though, I'm ready to discuss but don't wish to push it. As a takeaway, maybe look up whole plant CBD oil - I can give a reference if you need. I care for everyone dealing with this wretched disease, and wish for a better future for all of us.