Hello SometimesCrazy and welcome to this wonderful chat room!

SometimesCrazy, it's Fancy1959 officially welcoming you to this awesome chat room. I saw you sneak in a reply to a post written by Alleynyberg and I realized you were new and I had yet to speak with you so I wanted to welcome you. You I found a safe place to ask questions, voice concerns and simply speak to someone to truly understands. The chat room is full of some of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met. So that we can get to know you better please start out by creating your own post and profile that tells us a bit about yourself and how this monster has affected you. Remember to give us your birthday so we can enroll you in our birthday Club. It's just a small club I started so that we can send birthday wishes to you on your special day just like any family would do. Until we speak again please take care. We have much to learn from each other so I look forward to talking to you soon. Until then remember we are stronger together. We are glad you have joined this extended family!

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  • Welcome to the funny farm. Lol. Just kidding. Welcome to our world and join in the conversations. I'm pretty new myself and was made welcome from day one. Good luck and God bless.

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome this is a good site I am ssdw1958 I have had the monster since 2004 so they say but I knew something wasn't right for about 10 years. One thing to remember if your not sure about something ask your doctor, and after you ask him/her ask someone on this blog someone probably has gone through it.

  • Welcome SometimesCrazy love the name!! 😜

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