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Pass the word along about our good thing, this chat room!

Good morning to all of our new and all of our old members of this wonderful chat room. It is MSFighter presenting everybody in this chat room with a challenge! We all know people who have MS. Be it through our doctors office, other support groups we go to, or simply acquaintances, friends, and family. I challenge each and everyone of you too share with everyone what a wonderful resource we have right here! Let's see if we can't grow the base of this wonderful resource, our MSAA chat room. I plan to speak to my physical therapist and see if I can't leave information about the chat room in their office. I want to do the same thing at my neurologist office and the next time I'm lucky enough to be invited to a Ms related dinner and informational seminar I also plan on taking information about a chat room in with me there also. If you get new people to post with us and follow our chat room at least in their original post please ask them to list who their sponsor was who or who invited them to join our chat room! Let's go ladies and gentleman and see how many additional MSER'S can be introduced to this wonderful resource!

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Your on, l have a support group meeting next wk :)


Good idea, I hope everyone takes part, blessings Jimeka


Great challenge, MSFighter.


Yes, Hidden , yes! And thanks for agreeing to help, Jesmcd2 & jimeka ! Hope everyone in here accepts the challenge like you! Let's continue to grow our My MSAA Community family. We certainly know there are so many others out there who could benefit from the wealth of experience and sharing of stories on here. They just don't know it exists yet!

While I can easily say that everyone here at MSAA (and at HealthUnlocked) is thrilled to see the growth of this community in just 6 months (wow...), we all know it is still in its infancy, and we're ready to accept new members each and every day, however we can help them.

Fight on and spread the good word, friends!

- John, MSAA


Lol just so happened to run into one of my support group members @ the store this morning and told her. I hope she gets on :)


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