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๐ŸŽŠBirthday Club! So let me try to keep track of everyone's birthday. What's this special day for you?๐ŸŽ‰

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I'm starrting a birthday club and I pray that I can keep track of all our birthdays! i hope to print off a list at the beginning of each month of whose going to have a birthday during the month. This is of course completely voluntary so if you're not comfortable letting people know your birthday you don't have to. And ladies I did not say anything about giving your birth year is your birthday so if you don't want her age known you don't have to! This is open to not only to our MS patients but also to our caregivers and significant others who in anyway play a significant role in our lives.

If anyone would like to volunteer to run the birthday club, I would jump at the opportunity to share the responsibility in the organization and running of this club. I kinda had hoped that we could do something like make a online birthday cards each birthday person is in all these messages is if we were signing the cards. Of course if anyone takes on the responsibility and run the birthday club for me it is totally up to that individual how they want to wish each person in the chat room a happy birthday.

We tend to sometimes tend to focus on and help fix and talk about sad problems or issues in this chat room and I wanted this post about about something happy. And what do we all have in common that is or should be happy for each and everyone of us! Our birthdays! Let's celebrate our special days and congradulate one another on another milestone in our life and on another year we beat this dreaded monster!

I'll start. My birthday is May 4 and as you might have guessed with my log in as Fancy1959, makes that May 4th 1959.๐ŸŽˆ

What's your birthday?๐ŸŽ‚.

60 Replies
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Fancy 1959, my birthday is November 4, 1957. So I'll be hitting the big 60 this year. Yeah! :)

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Fancy1959 in reply to dmaskal1

Yeah right back at you Dave! I'm only 2 years behind you!

Iona60 profile image

Nov 10th

jennie62 profile image
jennie62 in reply to Iona60

Me too! November 10th!


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Good post Fancy1959, I love sending birthday cards. Mine is April 10th , born 1956, I survived the big 60, I had my daughter have my grandson christened on that day, that way the attention was on him, sneaky but it worked. Got to ride a Harley as a treat, I actually felt normal again, it was great. Blessings Jimeka

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Sukie427 in reply to jimeka

Holy cow, Jimeka! You rode a Harley??? Good for you! Please tell me you didn't fall! Lots of Love! Sukie

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mrsmike in reply to jimeka

A Harley!! Good for you. I've had opportunities, but have always passed, I know it sounds silly. We're you able to get on and off okay?

jimeka profile image
jimeka in reply to mrsmike

My hubby helped me on and off. He,s a strapping farmer so he could handle my slight frame, it was a smooth ride. I used to ride Nortons when I was in Canada, now back in the uk I was able to fulfill a dream, blessings Jimeka

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Fancy1959 in reply to jimeka

Jimeka, is telling me you love to make cards your way of hinting you might be interested in taking over the reins of the birthday club? if your not, that's okay too. i do think you would be wonderful at being in charge of it. As the person in charge of the birthday club, you would have complete rule over it, setting it up and running it up as you see fit! i'm sorry I'd didn't get back to you sooner but my oldest son was sick as a dog. We went to an urgent care this morning and he's got the flu. By the time i got his script and got him settled back at home, the day was shot all to pieces! i swear, if it's not one thing, it's a dozen others!

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jimeka in reply to Fancy1959

Sorry Fancy1959, like you I have been busy at the doctors. The hubby had an abscess, they gave him antibiotics, pulled the tooth, in my opinion too early, had to go back and get more antibiotics, only to find that they prescribed him a child's dose. Went to the doctors and he is now on 2 different types of antibiotics. At the same time I had to take my grandson and he has contracted conjunctivitis somewhere, so he is off school much to his delight. As regards the Birthday club I will have a go, but I don't make cards, it would have to be by ecards on here done from all of us. Anyway private message me with your ideas and I will shat mine with you. Blessings Jimeka

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Fancy1959 in reply to jimeka

Jimeka, if you are sure I would love to have your help with the birthday Club. I have no doubt you will be wonderful at this. I kind of figured that whoever did it was doing cards they're much easier than creating cards and it's hard to create cards when you don't know person personally if you know what I mean. I'm in the process of using old-fashioned writing birthdays down on a master calendar and if you need any help at all please give me a shout. I thought anyone who wanted to reply in the chat room could write their own personal/funny message to the individual whose birthday it is. What do you think about that?

Sorry to hear about your husband's mouth issues. Abscesses and toothaches are some of the most painful thing you can ever experience. It seems like that stupid ass this goes straight to a root nerve. Oh gosh does it hurt! And then to have to get your grandson to the doctor as well. Boy have you been busy! No matter. Your help would be greatly appreciated and you are after this point officially in charge of the birthday Club. God bless you for your assistance.๐Ÿ˜†

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jimeka in reply to Fancy1959

Can I make myself a badge that says official Birthday club organiser, lol, I will definitely be in touch, blessings Jimeka

Juleigh21 profile image

February 21st

Sukie427 profile image

Hello, Fancy. It sounds like a great project but not for an addled mind like mine. However, it might help you because you sound as if you're organized and still savvy enough to handle it. Anyway, my birthday is April 27, 1953. Am I the oldest one of the group?! OMG

BigMar7 profile image
BigMar7 in reply to Sukie427

Sukie427 you are not the oldest in this group. My birthday is October 13, 1948!

Royjr profile image

Hello Fancy, this sounds like an excellent idea. My special day is September 2, 1963.

karenmbloom profile image

Fancy1959 April 13 1960. I've had plenty of Friday the 13th birthdays..but also an Easter Sunday b'day.

jkdavid99 profile image

Feb 3rd , sometime in the 70's had one last Friday

Jesmcd2 profile image
Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to jkdavid99

Happy belated birthday! jkdavid99 ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ

joys-an21 profile image

So far, I am the oldest. YAY! lol My birthday is March 21,1825.5. Ok, maybe not THAT old, but OLD. I tell everyone I'm 189.5. Then 72 doesn't sound quite as bad. The day I turned 50 I told a young man I was celebrating a big birthday. When he guess which one he said, "shame on you!". I invited him to walk away and think about what he had just said to me. Ha

txcg152 profile image

Mine is October 5th 1982

Purple_Lady77 profile image

Hi Fancy1959,

My birthday is August 18 th 1977. So will be 40 next August ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿคข

erash profile image

December 5, 1958

That's a national holiday, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

What a terrific idea Fancy1959

Maybe as new folks join, they should be asked their birthdays too?

Jesmcd2 profile image

What a wonderful idea Fancy1959 ! And l vote jimeka for the job? Do you think you can do it?

Midgey_Midge06 profile image

Mine is October 26, 1970

cassielynn71 profile image

March 19, 1971

greaterexp profile image

Oct. 21, 1959. Great idea to do this! I wish I could remember my friends' and family's birthdays and get cards to them on time.

Bygonelines profile image

Great Idea! My Birthday is September 30, 1963.

Lakiee profile image


My Birthday is March 20, 1950 ...:)

My birthday is March 16, 1969

Lolalou profile image

Great idea:) My birthday is February 15, 1958.

Lakiee profile image


Great idea....My Birthday is March 20, 1950.

cnichols profile image

July 10th. Great idea!

Karen-x profile image

August 17, 1966

bavery207 profile image

April 1, 1950!!! As a child I was not happy with an April Fools birthday, but as an adult several people (including some former students) remember and make an effort to get in touch, which is very touching!

SueAB profile image

I am probably the oldest in our group and will celebrate my big 70 on October 8!

joys-an21 profile image
joys-an21 in reply to SueAB

Sorry, SueAB but I have you beat by 3 years. Yay for me. lol

agapepilgrim profile image
agapepilgrim in reply to SueAB

SueAB nope you not I turned 70 last November lol

KrittyKat60 profile image


Mine is May 14. It's s big one this year...60. I can't believe I'm going to be that young!! LOL I thought I'd add a little humor to my reply. My Dad always said, "you're only as old as you feel and he lived to be 94 1/2."

He must have had some kind of insight right?

Fancy1959 profile image
Fancy1959 in reply to KrittyKat60

Krittykat60, happy Mother's Day this year! My birthday being the first weekend in May often hits the same day as the Kentucky Derby! Run Baby, Run!

KrittyKat60 profile image
KrittyKat60 in reply to Fancy1959


Hi Fancy. Yes I forgot it falls on Mothers Day again. The last time I can "remember" it fell on Mothers Day was in 2006 and I believe it was my 49th birthday. I spent it in Las Vegas with my daughter and her 2 friends and met up with my sister, she lived in Parump at the time. Everywhere we went that day I had free meals, flowers and free drinks at the pool. It was my first time back to Vegas twenty five years later!!! It was awesome. This year I'm thinking about going on a local brunch cruise on lake Minnetonka with my daughter and other Mom's and their daughters. โค๐Ÿ’‹

Nicole277 profile image

I think that's a wonderful idea my birthday is 2/7/77 ๐Ÿ™‚

jimeka profile image
jimeka in reply to Nicole277

Hi Nicole being from the uk sorry but do you mean the 7th of February or the 2nd of July? Thanks blessings Jimeka

Fancy1959 profile image
Fancy1959 in reply to jimeka

jimeka, do you have insight into Nicole 277 birthday? I did not see a reply back. Should I follow up on it or has she spoken to you some other way. Please let me know before I mark my calendar. Thanks!

jimeka profile image
jimeka in reply to Fancy1959

Haven't heard. But I suspect it could be 2nd of July. Blessings Jimeka

agapepilgrim profile image

Fancy1959 no way to be in charge but every 7 years my special day it "turkey day"! 11/26/1946. Good luck with managing the fun!

Fancy1959 profile image
Fancy1959 in reply to agapepilgrim

agapepilgrim, jogibby is 11/24 and also on Thanksgiving every seven years!

RhondaK8930 profile image

What a wonderful ideal! Mine is August 18!

Eleyne92 profile image

Fancy1959 , my birthday is August 24, 1959. By my fingers, I guess that makes me 58 this year. Up until a few years ago, I sure didn't feel this "old". ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜

wolfspirit17 profile image

Hi! My birthday is November 17, 1972.

Good_enough profile image

Mine is September 24, 1967. I'm not the youngest , but I probably act like it . I'm a Libra , and I'll be freaking 50 soon

Jogibby profile image

Lovely idea. Mine is 11/24/62, Thanksgiving every 7 yrs. Love having the holiday birthday. Usually, I'm off work:)

Dpjinx profile image

Mine is September 28, 1950. Great idea๐Ÿ˜Š

Fancy1959 profile image
Fancy1959 in reply to Dpjinx

Dpjinx, it's Fancy1959, is your birthday September 18th or September 28th. Most of us can't have 2 unless I'm missing something. Please let me know. Thanks!

Dpjinx profile image

Mine is September 18, 1950 ๐Ÿ˜‹

tellnhelen profile image

Hey Fancy1950. I'm Helen aka tellnhelen. My birthday is June 27. Good idea.

txcg152 profile image

I can't remember if I already put down when my birthday is but mine is October 5th 1982

mrsmike profile image

Hi Fancy, thank you for taking on this task! My birthday is March 14, 1957.

Dpjinx profile image

Sorry I didn't realize I had typed 28th till after I sent. It is the 18th ๐Ÿ˜

Bamfan1442 profile image

Ok I'm ready to reveal--July 19, 1964 ;-)

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