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Just spent all day trying to find a PCP for my Medicaid--AARRGH!! The care providers listed on the BC/BS Complete website (all 200 of them in my area) said they were PCP's, took my health plan, and that they were all accepting new patients. Welp, their website lied! I had to go through several (lost count) doctors before I found one that was actually a PCP, in network and accepting new patients. Even the BC/BS representative I called gave me names of doctors to call, only to find out they either didn't accept that insurance any more or that they were no longer at that office and went someplace else. But, through my own excruciating efforts, I finally found one. Appointment made--now, next on the agenda is notifying SSDI, Unemployment office, DHS caseworker and Mi Rehab Services of that appointment, then remembering to call BC/BS at least two days in advance of it to get a ride there and back. Done for today, I Quit I'm a stressed out mess!! :-( Oh, forgot to mention, I finally got a Trac Phone Yaay! Been without a phone since March.

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  • I hope that you have found a good doctor and she/he can help with your medical needs.

  • I wish you the best Bamfan1442. I hope the doctor you're seeing is wonderful and very helpful. Good luck with everything else you're pursuing!

  • @Bamfan1442, I've been through your experience of trying to find doctors who will accept Medicaid several times. No fun in it at all! It makes a person feel very unwelcome to keep finding out that this doctor and then that one doesn't want to treat you.

    You get rides through BC/BS? I haven't heard of that happening. I set up rides through my city's paratransit system (for a lift-equiped van). I have to call at least a day in advance but no more than a week in advance. I always call a week in advance when I can but still get rides that involve entirely too much waiting around.

    I had good luck with my TracFone for years. Only recently I found out that free cellphones are available through the US government if you're poor enough. You might want to look into that. No monthly charges if you don't use up the 500 free minutes each month. No charge for the phone.

    Hope your doctor turns out to be a keeper.

  • Bamfan1442

    My office had to stop taking Medicaid because the reimbursement was so low.

    I hope you did find a good PCP!

  • Aww Bamfan1442 I hope you had a good night's rest! And kept track of of all of that!☺

    Maybe you should be in charge of the dreaded (fake) Spreadsheets!πŸ˜πŸ“πŸ“ƒ What do you say Tutu ?πŸ˜„

    J 🌠

  • Anyone that can wrestle a goat or deal with government can handle anything!

  • I'm sure Karen-x won't turn down any assistance. That spreadsheet is monstrous! The more help the better. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

  • Heehee that's funny Jesmcd2! I need to find a better organizational system, just not "tech astute" enough for Excel, etc. ;-) I've had to write so much stuff down my notebook is almost gone! And I've ripped out lots of pages cuz I got tired of fuddling and flipping through them to find which page I wrote this or that number, when I made appointments, multiple passwords and secret questions/answers for all these d@#m website accounts, etc. Keep having to tell the person I'm talking with on the phone to hold on for a minute while I find where I wrote down my new phone number and whatever else they need to know! ;-/

  • Your like me Bamfan1442 I write everything down also!☺ I'm left handed, so my notebook is upside-down, and that's how I write! Drives my bf nuts😁

    Now as far as the spreadsheet goes, at last count we have over 1700 members sooooo you and Karen-x have a great time with them!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    J 🌠

    Tutu greaterexp

  • Haha Jesmcd2! I know the one you're talking about doesn't exist, but I feel extreme sorrow and pity for the person who does have to manage all that--must be a spreadsheet somewhere to keep track of all of us! :-) I'm seriously considering making an attempt at learning some kind of "spreadsheet knowledge" since that would probably make my life a lot easier!

  • Ohhh you mean like Tutu , Fancy1959 and myselfπŸ˜‰πŸ’•πŸ˜„

    J 🌠

  • Ummm ok Jesmcd2 my apologies didn't realize that you, Tutu and Fancy1959 were responsible for that monumental task! Thank you for all the hard work you do here, it is greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure everyone else here! Sooo, what's this "fake spreadsheet" everyone talks about on here? :-/ lol just curious....

  • I just stuck my foot in my mouth with that post didn't I? Now I feel horrible, I guess I need to learn more about everyone on here and what they contribute before I blabber on. Thank you and I'm so sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings, I surely didn't mean to! :-(

  • Noooo hard feelings at all Bamfan1442 ☺ And are you kidding? With over 1700 members now!!!πŸŽ‰ There is only so much the 3of us can do. So everyone works together.

    Now Tutu looks like we have a bite for the spreadsheet πŸ˜…. YEAH!

    The (Imaginary) spreadsheet, was at one time going to be a real thing to keep track of ppl. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ We now figure it is what? At least 2inches thick now!😁

    J 🌠

  • Nah, I'd say it's more like 4!! ;-) Would take too much time to get that info entered and organized--would have to be on it 24/7 almost!

    There must be some way to keep track of all of us, but the spreadsheet idea sounds overwhelming--too much work!!

  • So funny! πŸ˜‚ I tried starting a spreadsheet a couple times just because I was having such a hard time keeping everyonestraight. Seriously! A REAL spreadsheet. I couldn't even organize that. This brain of mine! 😝 But I'd say Karen-x might need some help, Bamfan1442! You're hired (to build our imaginary spreadsheet)!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Thanks, Tutu (I think). What's the hourly pay rate and do I get benefits? ;-/ LOL

  • I'd pitch in $ if you share a copy with me. 😁

  • Consider it done! :-)

  • Wait now! I don't get paid Tutu and Bamfan1442 so l don't know what you all are thinking! No one is getting paid here!πŸ˜•πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ You do it to keep you sane, or insane πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜±πŸ˜„

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Your like me Bamfan1442 I write everything down also!☺ I'm left handed, so my notebook is upside-down, and that's how I write! Drives my bf nuts😁

    Now as far as the spreadsheet goes, at last count we have over 1700 members sooooo you and Karen-x have a great time with them!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    J 🌠

    Tutu greaterexp

  • Bamfan1442, what a huge accomplishment! You get gold stars today!

    The larger the entity, the harder it is to wade through the red tape. I'm so glad you worked through it. I'll be praying he/she is a great doctor.

    Hurrah for the phone, too!

  • I'm tired just reading all that you've had to wade through and what you've accomplished, Bamfan1442! You've done A LOT! I hope everything from here on out is easier and less stressful. πŸ’•

  • Thank you Tutu ! Yup I've waded through it all--called, emailed, updated and submitted way too much lately!! But tell that to my BF, all he said to me yesterday was "Is that all you're going to do is be on the computer and your phone all day?" Umm yeah and probably today, too. He's on vacation so now he thinks I'm wasting time here all day just sitting at the computer trying to get the things done that I need to. He doesn't realize that I have a limited time to do it in, and yes, it's going to take me a while because I get overwhelmed and have to take frequent breaks because I can't deal with too much at once and can't sit here for long before I start getting pain and spasms in my neck, back and legs. He just doesn't get it, and probably never will :-(

  • Bamfan1442 I am glad that you were able to find a PCP to take your insurance. My bf has BC/BS Complete through MI medicaid and luckily he was able to find a good doctor though there were not many to begin with that were taking his insurance last year when he got it.

    Earlier this month his government phone was stolen out of the car but he had got that phone when living in WI but he now lives with me in MI. Have been trying to get a new phone for him but it seems there are less and less places that offer them. The one place (Tag mobile) he has applied through is having issues verifying his identity and had to send a copy of his SS card to them. Hopefully he will be approved soon.


  • Hello bxrmom so you are a Michigander eh? Ahh Michigan in May--Are you loving this screwy weather as much as I am? NOT!! Thank you for your reply and yes, I hope I like my new dr. she is part of the network, as well as one of the physician partners affiliated with the MS clinic here so hope she will refer me there for tests! All I can do is wait and see, my appt. isn't til June 14th. Til then I try to get better organized and somehow start keeping track of my symptoms (I could actually write a book on that one!). I also have to take a health assessment form when I go for her to fill out for Medicaid it's required. Oh, and I got my Trac Phone through MDHHS since I qualifiy for food and medicaid. Does your BF have a worker there? If not, then maybe through SSI? Thanks for being there and caring for your BF, wish mine was for me, but he's not. :-(

  • Bamfan1442 This weather is crazy but no crazier than the Wisconsin weather we had left to come here. I like the cooler than normal temps when they are in the 70s.

    Not sure if he has a 'worker' for the food as he only had a review with someone for his yearly review as I helped him apply online. He did finally get approved for SSD last year for his biploar/schizaphrenia after being denied and having to see a SS psychologist, which is a whole story in itself ;)


  • Bamfan 1442, it's Fancy1959. I'm sorry I'm so late in replying but I thought I already had until I read through them and realized I hadn't. I went through an insurance broker. They don't cost a penny but they're there to assist you and help you understand the mess they call today's insurance . I went through an insurance broker that specialized in Medicare. That was a brand new concept for me and I was clueless as to what it entailed and how it covered everything. My insurance broker made sure my policy when I went to Medicare, 2 days ago, allowed me to keep my dotors. They do all the leg work for you. All you have to do is supply list of your doctors and they will find a policy that all your doctors accept. They also asked for a list of medication and do all they can to keep cost reasonable because they know if they keep you happy you'll stay with them for a long time. It's easy and it reduces your stress level and gives you peace of mind at the same time. It was pretty much a win-win situation for me and a no-brainer. I'm very happy that I chose my broker to make sure my policy covered everything it could.😊

  • Thanks for your reply Fancy1959! Where and how did you find a broker? I never knew there was such a thing! Wonder if they work with Medicaid patients?

  • Bamfan 1442, it's Fancy1959. Don't worry about if they were Medicare patients because that was what I use my broker for. She helped me figure out Medicare and got me started the best plan possible since I started Medicare the 1st of this month! Try Googling Insurance Brokers that deal with Medicare in your area. If that doesn't work text me back and I'll brainstorm and we'll think of something else. Good luck and take care.

  • Thank you Fancy1959! I have Medicaid, but I will google it and find out if there are any close to me. I live in a very small rural community so they would have to be located in one of the larger towns or cities nearby. Thanks again for your help I surely appreciate it! :-)

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