I wonder, how many others have the issue of vertigo from simply reading? Just when i think i can sit for a moment without feeling the spins, comes right back as soon I begin to read or happen to refocus too quickly.

(Sisters: rescue kittens, the only 2 of the litter that survived. Mom and kittens became a part of the family, couldn't let them go. They are now a year old. That photo to come soon)

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  • Good photo GerriG, cute cats 🐱

  • GerriG Have you tried holding your book at eye level? I get vertigo when I bend my head down to read. I will also get it from what my neuro calls "visual fatigue". It will follow eye pain and can come along with a migraine.

  • Iona60 Yes! This is exactly when it happens! Thank you, I'll try to remember to not bend so much or as little as possible. I have a blind spot on my left eye that tends to have me tilt alot I notice. I'll have to adapt to this as well it seems. Again, Thank you!

  • GerriG I wear a neck collar most of the day. It helps me to keep my head straight. I can still bend my head, but it's a good reminder. You can get one for $10-$15 at Walmart or Walgreens.

  • Sweet kittens. Sorry about the vertigo. I can't help you with that. πŸ’•

  • GerriG I can get vertigo from reading especially when my nystagmus is acting up like today. Its hard for me to hold my tablet that I use to read at eye's too heavy. the phrase 'visual fatigue'! I have been looking for a way to describe to people what happens with my eyes. That's IT! I had been saying my eyes feel like they are strained but I like 'visual fatigue' better.

  • Raingrrl I have a little easel for my hard cover books and sometimes elevate my tablet on some books to improve my body allignment

  • Hi erash! I do need to get something to keep my tablet at eye level. I've looked around and haven't found something that can sit in my lap and do it.

    After this discussion, I've also realized that I need to do something to raise my laptop too because I'm looking down when I use it and that triggers my nystagmus which then triggers other problems. Yay....

  • Hi Raingrrl I use a pillow on my lap for my tablet.☺ That way l can adjust where l need it to be. I don't think it will work for the laptop though because it gets to hot on the bottom.😞

    Jes 🌠

  • Hi Jesmcd2 I have used a pillow on my lap for my tablet but I need something different. This discusion has made me realize that one of the things that is a problem is looking down while I'm reading. This triggers the nystagmus and gives me that visual fatigue that then slinks into overall fatigue. To minimize the visual fatigue, I have to be looking straight ahead.

  • Higher pillows?😁

    J 🌠

  • Beautiful kitties, love the hug they give each other. I have problems with vertigo. So disabling for me. All I can do is get to a chair and veg till it passes. Getting hot here in Cali, wonder if that can bring it on??

  • gatorman15 I'm beginning to believe it's a combination of many things, but ultimately I have noticed when the temp rises so do my vision issues. Being in Texas this will make summer quite the adventure.

  • I guess the adventure begins, hoping to hang in there. Thanks GerriG for the response.

  • gatorman15 l believe it does, at least it does for me! Vertigo is horrible for me in the summer,warmer weather. But l have a tendency to be non stop, and don't know when to slow down.😁 Until l am so nicely reminded, that l don't own me anymore πŸ˜… MS owns me.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Hang in there and get some cooling vests or next wraps!!!

    Jes 🌠

  • GerriG Raingrrl Jesmcd2 erash and everyone else with visual problems and or vertigo.... I broadcast my laptop to the television. Most TVs have HDMI ports on the back. Just run the cable from a laptop to the TV. Then you need a wireless mouse and keyboard. I keep the laptop on a chair near the TV. My recliner sits directly in line with the TV. You can blow everything up as large as you need to see it. Unfortunately, I still get visual fatigue after 15 minutes, and vertigo if I have to look down at the keyboard. But, it's the best solution that I have found so far.

  • That's an idea @iona ☺ except, I feel that your conversations are private so l would feel funny putting them on the TV.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… That's just me.

    J 🌠

  • Yes, Jesmcd2 I catch my husband reading and responding. Sometimes I post it. If anything, it keeps him more aware of the daily problems that I have and just don't complain about. It's a trade off, but worth it to be able to stay part of this group.

  • Well then! Hi Iona60 's hubby! 😁 It's always a good thing when our other halves know what's going on! And try to understand πŸ’•

    Iona he can make his own sign on also! And ask his own questions.☺

    Now l won't know who lm talking to😱😭 πŸ˜„

    J 🌠

  • My reading problems have not as much to do with vision, though right now they think I may have glaucoma. Have another appointment with the optometrist. Most of my issues have to do with focus and concentration. I've gone from reading voraciously to no having read a book for two years or more. I get online for 5-10 minute intervals. Much more and I lose focus or get fatigued.

  • melack01 I'm glad you are seeing the eye doc.πŸ‘“ Are you taking anything for your fitigue? There are meds you can talk to your Neuro or PCP about to help you with that ☺

    Jes 🌠

  • at this point I just started Tecfidera. Except for offering me something for my stinging feet they have never offered anything. They have been reluctant to attribute any of my symptoms to MS, maybe now that I'm diagnosed that will change. I had always attributed fatigue to my pills for hypothyroidism. That has been an ongoing issue for a long time. I would stop taking them and feel great. The endocrinologist here had played with the dosing, added a supplementary pill and I was feeling better. Now it's back so I don't know which disease to blame. I see the endocrinologist again in June.

  • melack01 MS fitigue is brutal! Alot of us deal with it every day! 😞 And it can literally control your life. I didn't know until I came here that you could do something about it.πŸ’• I take generic Provigal called Modafnil 2xs a day. Took about 2 wks to kick in. It's a life saver!πŸ’• There is also ritalin, and nuvigil.😊 Talk to your Neuro and/or PCP about it.

    And if all else fails there is redbull and 5hr energy!😁

    Jes 🌠

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