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Intermittent blurry vision ?

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For years now, I have blurry vision (both eyes but worse left) intermittently. When it first started, I saw a neuro-ophthalmologist. All was ok.

Recentl eye exam, she thought it could be dry eyes and recommended drops. No help yet.

While I've read about MS related eye problems, this doesn't seem to be NO (neuro-opthalmoplegia or optic neuritis

B/w episodes. Much better clarity. But like the past 2 days, very challenging to read the computer.

Anyone else experience similar?

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I have experienced this for years now. The first time it happened, I thought it was a fog...then I realized that it was within my eyes. It isn't exactly a blurred vision, but it's like trying to see in very dim light. My neuro-opthamologist said it wasn't optic neuritis; my neurologist said it is MS related, like floaters, like flashing lights like other bizarre vision symptoms that come and go. Since it isn't permanent, doesn't call pain, I just deal with it. But when my eyes are foggy, I stay off the freeway!

goatgal that is exactly what I've had! During a relapse when my right side went numb, my left eye seemed to have shade or something over it. It made me constantly repeat covering my eye to make sure I could actually see out of my left. And yep, I sure could. But when I'd remove my hand from my right eye, I almost FEEL a shade/screen/veil - whatever - "dim the lights" in my left eye! If I look at a poster w/ multiple colors in w/ my left eye, the whites look "off" compared to looking at it w/ my right eye. I had all the tests done by the Ophthalmologist and no Optic Neuritis and no discernible cause for this. But it still remains even after my feeling came back. I noticed last week, however, that my right eye is doing this intermittently now. And driving at night.....whew...scary! Even w/ my glasses on!

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See my new thread

erash Hi there, I've experienced the same thing since September 2015. From September to January 2016 I was having problems of blurry vision and flashes of light out of the bottom corner of my eye. In that time period my vision changed 4 times. The Opthamologist said it didn't have anything to do with MS or an eye condition I have had since my early 20's. I don't have any pain, just the other symptoms. I hate driving at night especially, and any and all lights bother me.😊

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Judi4 ditto. No night driving if possible. Bright lights --sun glare or esp. Headlights at night are an issue

I recently experienced blurry vision. My optometrist could not correct my right eye. She sent me to a retinologist who spent an hour with me and said that my optic nerve was healthy. I then went to a neuro opthamologist who could not find any problems and also said my optic nerve was healthy.

I called my neurologist who ordered a "visual evoked potential" test which was positive for optic neuritis. The other docs looked at where my optic nerve exits in the retina. However, the optic nerve runs from the brain to the retina. I had demyelination somewhere between the brain and the retina.

I received solumedrol IV daily for 3 days. One week later I woke up and my vision was clear!

By the way, the retinologist said that I had some shrinkage of the fluid in my eyeball which was mild and normal for my age. He told me that I should seek medical care if I had more than a few floaters and I should beware of flashes

I hope this helps

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Very interesting Vinagirl

Has it recurred since the solumedrol?

I've had this freq enough and for just few days at a time that I'd hate to go on steroids each time. Plus it would resolve before I could likely get set up for intravenous steroids.

I have same pattern with transient hearing loss (not at same time as blurring) . Was told once I should go on steroids if recurs but b/c of the breif patterns, I don't <<shrug>>

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My blurry vision has not recurred, but it has only been a month.......

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Vinagirl Me too

erash could it be diplopia? Double vision. I had it recently and it lasted for 2 weeks. Most of my problems are visual, and the only time that anything ever showed up was right after my dx and the neurologist did a visual evoked potential that showed that my eyes were functioning at different speeds. Over the last 10 years, I've been to a retna specialist, a neuro-opthamologist, a regular opthamologist, and an optometrist and nothing ever shows up.

Hope you get some answers.

I've had double vision and I was prescribed prism glasses to correct it. I've also had torn retina but my neuro-opthalmologist doesn't know what caused that and surgery repaired it. Then the retinal surgery eventually led to cataracts which I have had removed. I also get cloudy vision which I have associated with fatigue. ????

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So sorry about all of your eye issues dmaskal1

I usually notice my blurring when I wake up (if it occurs that day) so I don't think related to fatigue???

Well, it's all a blur for me these days ! I was putting it down purely to ageing until I had relapse - it has been noticeably worse since, especially long vision. I have had pain behind the eyes off and on since 4 years ago - I remember having some mild nystagmus for a short while, especially when looking sideways, it was also difficult to read when eyes kept randomly jigging backwards on words.

I have learned to navigate Supermarket isles by the large descriptive signs hanging above, as the shelves are just a blur of coloured labels/packets and I cannot make anything out until I'm up close and personal ! I suppose this will be investigated at some point. With saying that one of your eyes is worse than the other, it has prompted me to test mine ( it has never occurred to me to try this before ! ) - it seems that my right is more blurry than the left. x

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angelite sounds like it's challenging to grocery shop!

My husband would use that as an excuse for bringing home cookies rather than carrots πŸ˜‰

I've had foggy vision since 2010. Been to 4 different eye docs. Diagnosed with dry eye. Use restasis twice a day for two years. Nothing has changed. The brighter the day/light the foggier my vision. πŸ˜”

From early on I would have bouts of blurred vision, especially when I was hot, stressed or fatigued. I went to an ophthalmologist and he said nothing wrong in my eyes. Over the years this has happened on and off. The last 10 years I have semi regularly seen an ophthalmologist, a different one, and always he sees nothing. This year I talked to him about this, in depth, and he explained that it may be optic neuritis causing this but he sees no evidence of it on examination. Apparently it has done no visible damage.

I am extremely happy that there is no evidence of damage bur surprised.

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There may be damage, but not O N. See my new thread on answer to blurring

yes this is common in MS, when I go into a darkened room it is really obvious when vision is blurring. It is like blind in one eye. In a lighted room I can tell too its like a fog as you say.

Intermittent blur when reading, driving, or computer work we assume dry eyes because your blink rate drops from 15x per minute to 5x. Blinking creates tears.

An OCT will show damage to the retinal nerve fiber layer. My OCT shows damage and I have it repeated yearly.

Lastly, desaturation of colors indicates optic nerve damage when it is monocular.

Hope this helps.

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Hi marktwinter my neuro told me exactly this today! Thank you

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