Update on vision loss

So many of you dear folks responded to my vision problem it's easiest to do a post. I had to wait 36 hours to hear back from my neuro. She was very concerned an of cour wants me to get a brain MRI. I am going to have to wait, because we just started the new insurance year and the insurance will essentially pay nothing. I think our system is so broken when here I sit with a potential brain bleed and can't get an MRI. Today is my birthday, but that was not a good present!😒 Anyway I will keep you updated. I feel like ms is eating my body, anyone else feel that way. It is really frightening to me the rapid pace of progression my disease is taking. With love, Kelly ps thank you for all your prayers and concern

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  • Happy Birthday Kelly! Maybe you should go to the ER. They will probably do an MRI and you won't have to wait. I had an MRI on my birthday once.

  • Iona60 is right...go to the ER! I had an MRI done at the ER because of my first migraine. Make sure you tell them EVERYTHING that happened to you too.


    Love and take care!


  • Happy birthday Kelly. Wishing you a better coming year 🎂 Please take care of yourself.

  • Happy birthday Kelly. Make the most of it, hope you get the answers you are looking for, love and God bless Jimeka x

  • Happy Birthday Kelly. I do hope you get an MRI very soon. It is scary at the fast progression of this disease but I can't imagine how you are coping with vision loss. I just send my love. Please keep us all posted. Lynn xxx

  • Happy Birthday Kelly! Hoping you get that MRI soon to find out what is going on with your MS. I know how scary the loss of eyesight is. Maybe a trip to the ER will solve the insurance issue and an MRI. Insurance companies do not care that we are unstable and need immediate assistance at times. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Happy Birthday, Kelly. I second everything everyone else said above. My prayers are with you.

  • Kelly, Amoree 55, if your headache is still as severe and your vision is still compromised please go to the ER. They can't turn you away there and your insurance company will have to approve it if it's that serious. The ER will do an MRI if they suspect anything like what it sounds like, a possible brain bleed. Don't let them, ( insurance companies), disable you more than you already are by playing their stupid waiting games and sit on your hands for another week to 10 days while they put off spending money on you. If things are serious ias they were with your headache and lack of vision that only gives your body more time to damaged itself beyond repair.

    I wish I could wish you the happy birthday you deserve and could truly enjoy but I pray and I hope that your birthday present today is that you go to the ER and get this pain / fears / damaged diagnosed and steps are taken to stop it in its tracks.

    Please please please ask your wonderful husband to read this and tell him we are not doctors but any stretch of the imagination but we've all fought this long enough to have good instincts and our gut instinct about you is not good. Have him take you to the emergency room this morning. Please. Your dearest friend, Fancy1959.

  • Exactly what she said. An ER visit shud encompass the MRI so u dont have to worry about the deductible. Please please go to the ER

  • Happy Birthday Kelly!

    Please try and go to the ER. You need and deserve to know what is going on in your head.

    Hugs 😊

  • Happy birthday, Kelly!

    I hope you have a blessed day.

    I also second everyone else's recommendation to get to the ER. The longer you wait, the greater the possibility of long-term or permanent damage. And even greater costs. Yes, the thought of the 'up-front' is expense is scary, but you can work out a payment plan with the hospital. They know people don't always have the immediate resources and my experience is that they're willing to work with you. Don't wait to get checked.

  • Happy Birthday! Take care of yourself.

  • Happy birthday Kelly! I hope you at least have some cake and ice cream. Keep us updated. I thought you said your vision cleared. How is the headache? You can call your State's insurance administration and ask for advice on how to handle your insurance company's delay.

  • I don't know why I didn't think of calling the State Insurance Administration. My former job was contacting them all the time as the HIICAP Coordinator.

    Thank you for bringing them up Karen-x, I hope that you contact them soon Kelly. I also hope you're going (or have already gone) to the ER!

  • Hang in. there it will be ok I had a lot of. bad days

  • Happy birthday

  • Hi Kelly (Amore55),

    I'm so sorry to hear about your symptoms, and of the barriers from your insurance to get an MRI to get your symptoms evaluated. I wanted to mention the MSAA's MRI Access Fund Program if this can be of help, mymsaa.org/msaa-help/mri/. I'm not sure if you'd qualify under the program's guidelines but wanted to mention it if it can help you get evaluated and get your symptoms checked out. Otherwise, I would suggest if these symptoms worsen or persist to seek medical attention right away so they can examine and perform tests as needed. Happy Birthday and I hope you're feeling better soon, take care.


    Angel B.

    MSAA Client Services Specialist

  • Amore55 Dear Kelly, I am holding you in the light. Happy Birthday! May you find the reassurance of an answer soon.

  • As others have said, go to the er! My prayers are with you. Best wishes for a happy birthday!

  • I wish you a late happy birthday, and I hope there was at least one blessing for you.

    You have our ongoing prayers for healing, comfort, and answers.

  • Happy Birthday Kelly, sure hope you can get your MRI. I'm thinking good thoughts and sending prayers to you.

  • Amore55 lm going to tell you what somebody told me, when l didn't know l had optic neuritis. I had it for a wk, went to a support group and they told me straight up, your body is no longer yours, it's ms's we just get to manage it. MS is TELL YOU SOMETHING IS WRONG

    The ER can't turn you away. So go! There are no more excuses!


  • Happy Birthday, Kelly! I pray you get the answers you need. If you continue to experience this, please go to the ER. They will most likely order an MRI while you are there.

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