2 week Tecfidera update & MRI report

Today is 2 weeks on Tedfidera and all is going well. Yesterday I did have stomach upset but not too bad. I have not experienced the flushing so I have stopped taking the low dose aspirin for now (will start it again if it happens).

If you remember, my Chiro wanted to read my MRI report because he asked if I was having headaches (which I constantly do - in different places). Talked to my Chiro after he read the report last week and that not much has changed from my last MRI 3 years ago! Though I do have some degeneration in the neck area (forget which ones off hand). But it's more so for my age according to the report so I'm guessing that is why I get bad neck pain sometimes. Nothing was listed for cause of headaches and my Chiro said that nothing said anything about headaches.

I see my Neuro next month for a recheck on the Tecfidera and the headaches so we shall see what he says about that. All in all, a good scan/report/experience!


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  • bxrmom

    That's great news to hear!!! My neurologist prescribed Tecfidera for me and here I am two denials later and still not medicated. I pray that things continue to be on the positive side for you!

  • Taylorsmom Thanks so much. I'm sorry to hear that your insurance has denials to get this medication. I wish insurance companies would keep utd on why different medications are prescribed and the necessity they hold for patients to be on them. I hope that you get approval soon.


  • Hi Taylosmom, call the Pharmaceutical company first to see if they can help with the Patient Assistance Program and then call your insurance to talk about your denied. Tecfidera was my first medication for MS and was approval after obvious a good strong pressure. Tecfidera worked well for me, but I had side effects after 2 years.

  • @bxrmom that is great news thanks for the update. Like I said welcome to club. My symptoms began to improve and continue to improve. I get a kick out of people who tell me they noticed how I've improved. People see me at pt when they start and by the time they finish they tell me they see a drastic improvement. I have to say with the help of my physical therapist I'm close to being in remission.

  • rjoneslaw glad the Tecfidera is working well for you and PT is helping you to get closer to remission!


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