Polio and MS...Hrmm?

I have been thinking, wondering and worrying about this for a while now. If one of your parents had polio in early childhood (the 1940's) before a vaccine was available, what are the risks/probabilities that you will get MS? Is there a link between the two? I haven't been able to get anyone's opinion about this, and all the medical websites I have visited doesn't give much info on that subject. I would like to know if it's at least a remote possibility for when I go to see a doctor. If anyone can help here, it would surely be appreciated! Thank you! :-)

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  • Bamfan1442, my previous neurologist, who first diagnosed my MS, had polio. She never said anything thing about a connection between the two. I've never heard of one, but maybe others here can provide a more educated answer.

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  • Hi Bamfan1442...I've spent countless hours reading about M.S. over the years since my diagnosis. I don't recall running across a suggestion that there is a connection between a parent having polio causing a child born afterwards to ultimately have M.S. Consider that maybe the reason you haven't found any info about this is that it isn't a theory being looked into. However, I have seen discussions about vaccinations potentially causing an autoimmune reaction. Here is one example: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/106...

    It certainly wouldn't explain my having M.S. since neither of my parents had polio nor did any of my grandparents. And actually no one else in my family has M.S. although my 2 siblings have other autoimmune diseases: vitaligo and Hashimotos.

    Personally, I'm a fan of the idea that having M.S. is the result of a genetic weakness in the immune system triggered by one or more factors such as low serum Vitamin D and/or some sort of virus. Its what makes the most sense to me given my medical history. I don't pretend to have medical or scientific expertise though.

  • I have never heard anything that says that a parent having polio ups the chances of a child having MS or any other disease. Maybe your doctor would have some insight into this question.

  • Bamfan1442

    As the others said, I'm not aware of a polio MS connection. Of course due to vaccines polio has become rare. On the other hand MS is increasing ( likely due to better dx).

    Yeh, my understanding thus far is that the leading theory @ MS is that it is an epigenetics phenomenon: genetic predisposition that can be turned on by virus (EBV leads here), vit D deficiency, etc.

    Let us know what the neuro tells u

  • Not heard of any connection but had my head in the sand for about 20 years

  • Is there a polio site on here please?? 😊

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