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Taken advantage of people with ms


Hi everyone the volenteering went bad 7 hours first day..no breaks..i had consignment my 45 pairs of jeans mostly miss mes n eagles only to get 14 pair of the off brands i took in she knows i have ms and took advantage then stole..my commision would round up to be about a grand.now have to take het small claims court..she called me a crazy nut..with ms. You know these horrible people really think because we have ms can ruin us..so been not a good week. I should have listened to my reg.doctor as he said not to do it.instead of lists ing to a therapist tht has no clue sorry to vent..why are some so evil..thx for letting me vent everyone have a good weekend xo

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I'm sorry that happened to you.

There are plenty of people out there with little to no conscience. In fact, one in four is a sociopath.That is what I have read-and I believe it.

Good luck trying to shame or guilt them.They're not capable of it unless it serves them to fake it.

While it doesn't make your problem go away, understanding these people and what they do & are capable of can help.


That’s such a shame. Whenever we come across shockingly awful people, it’s such a good thing to find some gems. And they do exist, thank goodness. We have lots of them here!

Hang in there!

luvhair in reply to greaterexp

Thank you i know you guys are gems thx for listening..really strugling right now.

Sorry to hear that happened to u

luvhair in reply to rjoneslaw

Thank you.i was so trying to do better and ended worse

Sorry you experienced this luvhair. So many people that seem to be just in it for themselves these days.

luvhair in reply to Raingrrl

Amen on that !

As the old expression goes, there are bad apples in every barrel. I'm sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience. Believe in yourself; you are not a crazy nut!

luvhair in reply to goatgal

Thank you..im really a mess now ..was doing so good.ty

I am sorry you had such a bad experience. Don't let others dictate who you are. You have MS, it isn't who you are. You aren't dumb or stupid. Some people feel so bad about themselves that they have to put others down and take advantage just to feel lifted up. The best thing you can do is forgive, learn the lesson and move on. They will have to answer for themselves one day and bare the consequences for their actions. Knowing that always makes me feel better after someone has treated me badly. You should feel good about yourself for trying to do something to better yourself. You aren't responsible for what others do, you are only responsible for what you do. If you did your best, then don't feel bad about it, nobody can ask you to do more than your best. :-)

luvhair in reply to hairbrain4

Thank you very true..imreally sick of this disease i really am..

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