Progress Report On My Wahl'S Diet!

It's Fancy1959 updating everyone my progress in my weight issues following the Wahls diet that Agapepilgrim talked me into following. I've been on it roughly since the 1st of April now. And since that time, not quite 3 weeks, I have dropped in additional 8 pounds. That brings my total weight loss now to 25 pounds! All I have to say is thank you thank you thank you Agapepilgrim! As she indicated I am watching my middle shrink right before my eyes! I still have another 15 pounds to loose but now matter of if I can do it, but when I can do it. The way I am going I anticipate to be down to my 130 range sometime in june! And because I'm seeing such wonderful results it's very easy for me to follow this diet.

To break it down to its simplest form, I simply eat 5 helpings of fruits and vegetables everyday before I am allowed to eat anything else. I don't eat any dairy products and I stay away from all grains. Since the body cannot digest dairy products and whole grain very efficiently. If I have to have a piece of bread I eat a piece of sourdough bread. As far as bread goes it is the best out there for you due to the fact that it has very low sugar added to it while making it. Also, the dough is actually fermented so it has active good bacteria that actually helps to digest your food and it contains protein.

If you have tried other diets and have been unsuccessful with sustained weight loss I recommend this diet. Besides the weight loss benefits, this diet is also reported to have positive effects on MS reducing internal inflammation in the body. I guess for me it's very easy to follow because of my love of fruit and salads. Give it a try, what do you have to lose except extra pounds that you have been carrying around?😉🍓🍊🍌🤗

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  • Thank you so much Fancy for the update on the Wahl's diet!! How wonderful - Congratulations on your success!!! Please keep us all updated :)

  • I'm so glad you are seeing the results you've hoped for!

  • Fancy1959, Good for you on sticking with the Wahls diet. Nothing is more motivating than seeing good results. I hope you also see some benefit with other MS symptoms. Please keep us posted. You might find this interesting:

  • Congrats Fancy1959! Those are great results!

  • Fancy1959 way to go! That is just wonderful, what amazing results! Keep up the good work. Love you my dear friend, Kelly

  • Kelly, I miss talking to you. I hope your pain is under control more than it had been several months ago. I think of you often and send prayers and positive wishes your way. Always your friend and your shoulder to cry on. Fancy1959💕

  • Fancy1959 thaks for the update (please keep telling how it's going). Congratulations on the weight changes! How have you been otherwise feeling on this diet? Are you doing the MSQ (medical symptom questionnaire) listed in the Wahls book? It's a terrific way to keep track and motivate yourself to stick to the eating plan.

  • I too want to know if you notice changes in MS symptoms! Keep us posted.

  • Erash, I don't actually own a Wahl's diet book. So, no, I have not been doing the MSQ questionnaire listed in the back of the book. Fancy

  • Fancy1959

    It's also online if u want...

  • Good to know erash. Thanks for your help as always. I'll check it out later today. Thanks again! Fancy.

  • That's awesome Fancy1959 !🙌💥

    J 🌠

  • Keep up the good work!

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