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Ok since being diagnosed this year I have been trying to figure out a diet that helps with MS I was Keto for about 5 weeks lost 18 lbs so great diet for weight loss. I am just curious I read articles that say go Vegan, Go raw vegan, Keto, no red meat etc some opinions seems to be opposite-sides of the board! I am currently Keto-ish with IF (intermittent fasting 18/6) anyone have something that they have seen works to relieve symptoms?

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Yes Ktaylor, Ii like Dr. Teri Wahl's Palao diet myself, gluten & dairy free, onlt white poultry, eggs & plant based omega 3,6,9 oils, coking w/evolive oil, avacado butter, sunflower butter, instead of pea-nut butter. Eatun healthy does help, i am managng this M.onS.ter all natural as my body cannot handle any RX's.😻😍👍🙏💘Love Ya! & Blessings---Jazmine

My cousin has MS also and he emailed me about Wahls last week I haven’t done much research on it but I do know cutting out carbs and sugars had me feeling pretty good for a bit.

The best thing to do is to go to a nutritionist. I was like you which is the best for me. Turned out none of those diets were. The nutritionist helped me refine my diet and it has helped.

Swank diet for a few tears then the American Heart Association diet guidelines, Diet might not help, but a heart attack might screw up your weekend. Also EXERCISE.

Hi ktaylor8899! You will find that not only does each person have a little bit different version of MS, there are no silver bullet medications or diets. Different things work for different people. That’s why you can find articles pro and con for each of the popular diets and people here that swear by different ones. It can make your head spin!

A year ago, I decided to work on my health and fitness. I looked at some of the diets but soon realized I needed to figure out the changes that would work for me. I also believe in everything in moderation. The changes to my eating plus adding daily exercise has made me a much healthier person, helped with some of my MS symptoms and added to my quality of life. The longer I’ve followed my eating plan, the less I’m tempted by the stuff I should avoid.

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That is kind of what I am seeing, Thanks !

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I totally concur Raingrrl and that's what the research supports thus far too. There is continuing research on diet and the gut micro biome and immune system are linked but which factors and diet result in that perfect biome is not yet known and is still likely very individual. Most agree, a healthy diet with less processed foods that reduce your risk of other disease, is a good plan. as raingrrl said, you need to figure out what works for you...don't add more stress to your life if a very restrictive diet doesn't fit your lifestyle

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Raingrrl and erash echo my feelings exactly. It's hard to sort through all the fads circulating through the internet, ktaylor8899 , but using common sense and seeing what works best for you and is realistic seems like a good way to go.

Hi, ktaylor8899! It’s so good to look at all options & try out different things isn’t it😀I too have tried keto, low carb, IF, dairy free & gluten free! I feel that low carb definitely helps me. I also take a few supplements such as omega 3, ALA, magnesium zinc & B6, covenzyme Q10 & vitamin D (in Scotland so don’t get much sun lol) I’ve recently started drinking goats milk kefir as well as am interested in how our microbiome influences gene expression. Phew, quite a list hey!! Meditation though is probably the single thing that’s helped me alongside that list. Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of belief is just mind blowing. Anyway that’s my two pennies worth, kind of off diet topic a bit....sorry about that😁 best of luck in finding what works for you. 👍🏻

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Yes, my mom has lupus and she was telling me that meditation help her reduce stress levels a lot!

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Raingrrl in reply to ktaylor8899

During this past year of changing my diet, etc. I also started meditation and have tried acupuncture. It all seems to be helping but I'm definitely a work in progress.

Not specifically, but there is a Whole 30 Diet (Paleo sort of) that is supposed to reduce internal inflammation and is is specifically supposed to be good for MS among many other illnesses. (underline???? - Hmmmmm)

It’s a very personal thing. The only one that has relieved symptoms for me has been keto (heat intolerance, fatigue, cog fog, vision impairment and insomnia less problematic).

There are many variations of it, and I started with vegan plus fish keto (an OMS friendly version) and I could not get my blood levels where I needed and still enjoy what I was eating every meal.

When you’re looking at these opinions or proofs, they are using studies based on glucose metabolism, and that matters for many of the results.

For me, I have been doing a Mediterranean style diet that seems to help with my overall well being. I avoid processed stuff and low intake of red meats. I rarely even eat out at all. It seems that doing all the little stuff that I can to make life easier all adds up. I even feel worst around lunar phases , barometric pressure changes etc.... So any little thing I can do to make myself healthier makes a world of difference.

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