what you say about everything

G'day my friends. How do u describe your ms, cleaning your teeth, putting on your shoes? Any number of things and everything I guess. It appears to me that the words u use the thoughts U have determine your reactions emotions and feelings. It is sometimes hard, tricky challenging frustrating annoying AMUSING how we react to different situations. An mry is terrifying the first time but after 10+ with some valium and a nappy\diaper it is no big deal just something that happens.

Think about the words u use, minimize them, make those HUGE MOUNTAINS into small little tiny hurdles that are really no biggie, BECAUSE no matter what it is u will do it. Everything is everything & nothing,, chose your words make it nothing


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  • You are so right RoyceNewton !

  • RoyceNewton, it's Fancy1959. I agree with Morilyn, the attitude we approach life in general with not to mention our MS determines our life's path and outcome. Sometime it's hard to blow off events and circumstances that upset us, but as you said, in the long run, everything is nothing! Remember our glass is half-full not half-empty and your life will roll happily along and your battle with MS will not consume you. Thanks for the post Royce, I personally needed to refocus my life and remember that everything is nothing! Together we are stronger!

  • Well said.. RoyceNewton a timely reminder for me, thanks. I should post this where I can see it daily... as I tend to think/see mountains...

  • @RoyceNewton - Hi Royce, it's @Alliepoirier, I read this twice, and think you have a great approach here. Everything is Nothing, love it ....

    I have to often remind myself that 'I can't ...jump on a moped, or hop on a bicycle, or saddle up fiesty horse' ... I have accepted and acknowled the fact of my MS, but refuse to let it rent space in my head.

    The thing that I find amusing, is the people around me, often feel the need to try to remind me, and manage me, often telling me ... 'you can't do that... or you shouldn't do that' ... it cracks me up ... I am the CEO of me ... if I feel like I have the physical strength to saddle up and ride a horse, then what the heck ... I'm doing it ... I am acutley aware of my vestibular issues, and my overall physical abilities ...

    My point is, people that think they are helping or looking out for me, are the first to make MS a constraint, while I have pushed MS to the back of the line in my head. If I can do that, why can't the people around me??

    They are not helping when they do that, and I just politely acknowledge their concerns, and do what I want anyways :) ... after all, to Royce's point ... Everything is Nothing .....

  • alliepoirier You said exactly what I've been thinking! Thank you for putting the right words in my head! I wasn't sure of the right words, but I sure knew how I was made to feel!

    RoyceNewton I love your posts too! Thank you for getting me thinking again!


  • I LIKE how you see things RoyceNewton ! I tend to just Do, until l realize l can't. This is just another chapter in my life. And as with any GREAT book, 😉 you have to continue reading it.💕


  • I LIKE how you see things RoyceNewton ! I tend to just Do, until l realize l can't. This is just another chapter in my life. And as with any GREAT book, 😉 you have to continue reading it.💕


  • Yes just do until u can't, then wait a while think about it and do it a new way/ There is more than one way to get a job done, and remember LOVE your accomplishments because U did it.


  • Well said. I'm not sure that many folks understand the roller coaster of symptoms that most of us deal with. " I know I couldn't do that two days ago, but I can today." It's hard enough for most others to understand a disease that stays the same, let alone something like MS. It took me a while to understand it, myself! I'm grateful that they even try to get it.

    For myself, I know it's all in God's hands, so knowing that keeps me positive and always willing to try to do what I can. And there is so much I can still do! You've said it well; wait awhile and then try to do it another way!

  • Inspiring chat today. As the old quote states,"don't sweat the small stuff, and remember it's all small stuff. "

  • RoyceNewton

    Thank you! I was having some frustrating moments yesterday and thought about what you had posted. So I wiped out the negative self talk and replaced it with positive thoughts. Made such a big difference in my day. Thanks! Again 😊

  • RoyceNewton

    What a great thought! Thank you for giving me some new outlooks which I needed, you are always on the mark. So glad you share on the forum, thank you! With love, Kelly

  • Glad I could help a little, take care of yourself.


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