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G'day, äter MANY visits to the tunnel (MRI) over the years, I will advice (SP) this. VALIUM, is your friend. Low dosage, I think under 5mg just to calm u down and relax You. I have done this for everyone except the first and that was a horrible experience. Just say u might be a little claustrophobic and u feel this may help.

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  • RoyceNewton I agree! I usually take a xanax before my mri's and I keep my eyes closed...

  • I appreciate your advice. I got through the last MRI, but only by keeping my eyes shut and praying. I guess I'm a bit more claustrophobic than I knew. Next time, I may request a little something beforehand.

  • Hi, personally I took a plastic rosary beed with me during the MRI so that I am only focused on it not the exam. The hospital can also put a mirror so that I see the outside, a bit claustrophobic can I be. Love you all. Have a great day and God Bless you. 💋😘☂️

  • Ok, I'm odd, but MRIs don't bother me. They r a great time to meditate and the I visualize the clanging and drumming sounds destroying my MS lesions 😶

  • You aren't the only one erash I dont mind it either. And the clicking and banging sound like words to me so its like a chant. I can actually really relax! Lol

  • Ssdw1958 this is how I deal with that monster oh by the way I am claustrophobic I can't remember the name of the pill I take but they only give me three and I am told by the pharmacist do not drive. And I do remember my husband asked me something about the checking account I told him I am sure I shouldn't do anything Technical today. So anyways this is what I do I put the air plugs in I put that cover over my eyes I put all the cotton around your head so I don't move in that cage and one I ask the technician not to tell me how long each test is going to be. Then I say my alphabets forward and backward's and any thing else

    So your see everyone it sounds like you all do much better than me.

  • You got THAT RIGHT!!! I ALWAYS gobble both prescribed, first at home, 2nd at hp... would NEVER go without them... HATE the tomb...

  • RoyceNewton, it's Fancy1959. I am glad the low dosage Valium helps you to relax while doing MRI in the tube. MRI and Cat Scan have never bothered me perhaps because I've had so many and I am not claustrophobic. I have an extremely hard time staying awake during such tests. I drive the technicians crazy! The vibration and the banging noise for some reason relaxes me and puts me right to sleep.😴 if I took Valium you will have to wheel me out on a stretcher unconscious I am afraid.😌

  • RoyceNewton absolute right. Would not get into one without a little help. Makes it much more pleasurable.

  • Good to know I'm not the only one who takes Valium for MRIs! I tried to do the first one without Valium, but because of my claustrophobia they always prescribe the med for me.

  • It is so good to know that I am not the only one with claustrophobia. I had an experience with claustrophobia in the summer the air-conditioner was on and I got the closed In feeling like the walls were closing in so at 3a.m. I went outside. Do you know ants never sleep.

  • no I did not, thanks

  • About the MRI for us MRI when I had no idea what it was going to be like, the guy doing the test he reminded me someone From the TV series the Munsters remember grandpa that guy and the test was at 3 AM was not a good thing then to top it off they had to redo it in the morning.

  • I don't have a problem with claustrophobia but I do have a major issue with pain. I have been rear ended 6 times over the years and my back is a mess. I can not lay on my back without excruciating pain for more than 2 minutes. Because of this I can not stay still enough for them to get good pictures and I have to stop 2 or 3 times to sit up. So now they put me in conscience sedation like they do for a colonoscopy. Takes much less time to do all of my MRI's (head, neck, back with and without contrast). It's more expensive but much easier on my body.

  • I learn something new, I shall remember that technique if I ever need it, Thanks.


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