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Hi, my name is Paul and I'm pretty new to this forum. I was diagnosed with SPMS 7 years ago and have slowly regressed so I am now in a wheelchair full time. My worst symptoms are spasticity in my right leg and arm, especially at night after going to bed. I also suffer at times with extreme pain. I'm on 40 mg of baclofen & 2 mg of clonazepam every night, but it seldom helps. I tried Botox for a year but that didn't help either. My Dr. prescribed oxycodone for the pain but I hate taking it. My question is there anyone who has used medicinal marijuana in states where it's legal for these symptoms, and has it helped? Thanks for any information I can get.

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  • Hi Paul, I am 60 and have PPMS . I take oxycodone twice a day, have done for 3 years, and with pregablin together they control the pain. Try it and give it chance, let us know how you get on, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • Hi Jimeka, some days I have very little pain, but some days I have pain all day. I would take the oxycodone more often, but I'm afraid of becoming addicted to it. I'm more concerned about the spasticity because it wakes me every night. Thanks for the info & quick reply, Paul

  • Welcome to the forum, pjb229. I don't have the same symptoms you do, and honestly, I think I prefer mine, but I know others here will have some information to share with you. I hope you visit often and feel at home here. 💕

  • Thank you Tutu, I appreciate it.

  • I have never tried it, but I know some others have had some relief with some kind of drops that they put on their food. Some kind of marijuana oil.

  • pjb229, welcome to our little family!

    I'm sorry about the pain and spasms you suffer from. Whatever you choose in terms of treatment,I hope you find relief quickly.

    I have seen posts by another member here about marijuana, though I can't remember the name. You might try searching through previous posts.

    My brother-in-law is a retired pathologist. He tries to stay updated with information and recently has read quite a bit about marijuana, THC, and, CBDs. He suffers from pain from arthritis and muscular pain, and recently tried using some products with THC and CBDs. He has actually had great results in musculoskeletal pain relief. He tends to be conservative and cautious in accepting anything trendy or unscientific.

    I hope someone here can share more first-hand experience.

  • Hello, it's Shelly, I am 42 and have PPMS. I live in Las Vegas and recently obtained my medical marijuana card. I use the Sativa pills during the day(about 20mg of thc per pill). I also take the sativa gummy chews or cheeba chews (only a pinch at a time, it's strong) if I don't take a pill.

    They help me relax and take my pain away. After reading, I found the Sativa helps me the most. It doesn't make you feel loopy or out of it (if that makes sense).

    I'm jabbering on again. I hope this helps some. Let us know what you decide on doing and welcome. This is an amazing group of people!


  • Shelley, what is Sativa?

  • It's a form of cannabis that you can get in oil form, smoking form or edible form. It helps me with spasticity and helps me walk a bit better, I don't think about either of them when I take it . Maybe the not thinking about everything is my way of dealing with how I'm feeling.

    I only take them at night after my girls go to bed. It helps me sleep

  • Shelly36 do you purchase your thc meds online? or at a dispensary where you live? With a marijuana card here in MI, the website says that you can only have plants and I don't want to deal with plants. Any info you can provide would be most helpful.



  • I purchase everything at a dispensary. There are quite a few here. The one I go to will accept out of state cards or if you are up to it Denver has it legalized, I don't know if you need a card there though. I hope this helps

  • Thanks Shelly36, that does help. I haven't checked out our dispensaries here but I know that we do have a few in my town. I may really have to look into getting the medical card as marijuana seems to help the headaches I have been getting but I end up really tired for quite awhile after I smoke so I think I may need to look into something else.

    Thanks again for your help,


  • I have a hard time smoking it too. Try the edible form, you might like it better

  • That is what my boyfriend suggested as well.

  • I hope this info helps

  • In New Jersey you can only get the plant and have to make your own oil. Have the card but have not tried it yet. The dispensary is a hour or so from my home.

  • It may be worth the drive. Growing your own would not be good for me because of my girls. It really does help me.

  • Hi pjb229 welcome to our group. I take Marinol for my spasticity. Its the pharmaceutical equiv of THC. It works like a charm for me. I have to get two to three doses in me before it works but it always does. And you have to be careful to not take more than the dose otherwise you can feel high.

  • Hi Paul , My legs jump in the evening as well +I have a burning pain too. I take 1 oxycodone at bedtime with a valium , it helps me at night sometimes my legs will still jump. In the day I have eaten Medical cookie and find it beneficial to help me relax , also makes me want to stretch and move around more which is a good thing. I also take Ampyra and Baclofen 2x a day...I don't even notice any benefit from Baclofen...been on it for 30 years.

  • Hi Paul! Kelly here. I take OxyContin for my pain. I worked as a Clinical Supervisor in an opiate treatment facility for years before ms got me. There is a difference between being addicted to opiates and taking them as prescribed. I never take more than two a day, have done so for years without increasing it. My doctor always wants to give me more, but I just tell him no. I use Neurontin for neuropathic pain, no side effects. I wish pot was legal here in Utah, but that will be the day! I wish you the very best. Come back often.

  • Thank you everyone for all of the information. I will do some more research on everything suggested & talk to my neurologist about it. Everyone has been so helpful and I really appreciate it.


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