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Hello all!

After some paperwork mishaps, I was able to work 2.5 days this week. It was so good to be back with my colleagues and the students. Within 10 minutes, students were asking when math club would resume. (Answer -next year)

It was harder than I expected, too. I suffered some strong vertigo that I've figured out is triggered by multiple conversations happening in the same room. So arrival and dismissal times have me hanging onto the walls for support and leave me feeling nauseous. Is anyone familiar with this as a symptom? It happened during faculty meeting today while I was sitting, too.


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  • That's great that you have been able to go back to work, but please go at your ms pace, not the pace you used to go at, that way you hopefully won't feel so shattered when you get home. Can't help you with the vertigo but I am sure someone will. Keep smiling, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • I don't get vertigo from multiple conversations around me but I do have trouble paying attention to the conversation I'm in if there is a lot of other competing sounds at the same time. All the sounds just blend together into one big cacophony. I can also feel agitated by too much noise around me particularly if some is loud. When I get sensory overload from too much sound, I have to retreat somewhere quiet. So strange.

  • latellama

    Sounds like you were missed!

    No vertigo but too much stimulus or noise affects my thinking and makes me want to cover my ears or flee 🙀

  • I am glad that you got to go back to work, if just for a few days. I am sure that seeing everyone again is uplifting.

    I am sorry that you are having such problems with the vertigo. I did have vertigo, long ago but, only for a day.

  • latellama well you answered my question that l posted to you else where😅 . Sounds like the kids are happy to have you back, what grade do you teach again?

    Your vertigo attacks sounds like the one I had last month, scared the Daylights out of me. And I was standing on a step stool. Only 2 steps up. Scared me so bad l cried!😧 Please be very careful!!☺ And SIT DOWN if you can!


  • Yay for returning to work!!! Take it easy, though, and don't overdo it.

    I've never dealt with vertigo so I have no hints.

  • I do get vertigo but have never noticed a pattern. I will have to pay attention and see if its triggered by excessive input like yours. I just hang on and wait for it to pass. I can't imagine how you will cope as a teacher with it, God bless you!

  • I resigned my teaching position this past November. I use to have severe dizzy spells at school especially in the hallway during the changing of classes. I used to carry motion sickness meds with me and took one if I started feeling nauseous. That worked pretty well for me. Good luck latellama!!

  • Happy to hear you were able to return to work and the kids you love, latellama. It's obvious you were missed.

    I occasionally get bouts of vertigo. They are generally mild enough to be helped by meclizine. But like Karen-x, I've not been able to pin down a pattern or rhyme or reason for them.

    Too many distractions and noises affect me as Raingrrl described. But I don't recall those situations setting off the vertigo.

  • Allen5280 have you talked to your Neuro about it? Or your PCP? You might need something stronger than Dramamine, from the sounds of it.

    I hate noise filled environments. I kind of stay on the sidelines just because it's to much to handle.


  • Allen5280 have you ever watched that show NCIS? Where Gibbs smacks Tony upside the head? Consider yourself SMACKED! and suck it up buttercup!😁 I'm trying to figure out when exactly​ you could start reading people's minds... Let alone a Women's mind!😅😅😅 Call her already! You don't know what she thinks, she could turn out to be just a friend​.. You don't know if you don't call. And btw? You don't have the right to make decisions for her or anyone else for that matter 😁☺

    As far as depression goes, it sucks! I have it. Have had it and have been on different meds until l found the right combo for me. It takes time for your body to adjust to them. About 2 weeks. They make mild ones also now, and have you tried eating before taking them? Maybe that will help? Find a new "head" doc, one that will take the time to REALLY help you, and your situation!


    Jes 🌠

    PS call her already​!!! Let me know how it goes!😁

  • latellama So glad you were able to return back to work. I get vertigo every once in awhile that it makes me really dizzy but it is usually always there (reason I don't drive anymore). Maybe some dramamine may help? or other meds people have said they take? I'm not sure what sets off my vertigo but when it happens its when I awake for the day.


  • I get sensory overload, but not with vertigo. I plug one ear and it helps. Try getting those earplugs that fit in the ear pretty low and put it in one ear and see if it helps with the vertigo. The meds don't do much for me when mine acts up so I patch one eye ir pkug one ear and it helps. Hope you get better and congrats in returning to work

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