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The Special Needs Prom was a hit!

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We had a great time on Saturday! We had several of our past cosmetology students come and work on hairstyles and the Cheer team from Cassatot High School, along with several others doing makeup and nails. My husband did several haircuts for the boys and men. It was a lot of hard work as we did approximately 100 services in less than 8 hours, but it was worth every ache I have today to see their faces as they walked down the red carpet. They felt like kings and queens. Here are a couple of pictures. (I remember now why I quit doing hair on a regular full-time basis!)

12 Replies
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How awesome is this.....I am so grateful to all of those out there and for the sharing of some pure joy...

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What a great idea and you accomplished it👍😊😍. Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊 Ken 🐾🐾

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You're amazing! Thanks for being part of making such beautiful smiles and giving so much happiness.

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Well done you, your husband and everyone else involved in creating a beautiful day full of memories, fantastic, 👍

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Congrats hairbrain, 💐💛Give yourself some rest & some CBD oil really helps too, hun.😀💐👍L💗VE Ya!---Jazzy🌹💜

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Congrats on putting together such a special night for deserving people. Brett Behair on Fox news talked about a similar event there in New York City. Where was your event at?

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hairbrain4 in reply to Peruzzot

Mena, Arkansas. At the CMA (Christian Motorcyclists of America) center.

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I think this is just wonderful!

I saw a program on this type of event on PBS and they followed students through their prep for the dance. It was such a feel good program and it looked like everyone had a blast. :)

What you guys did for these kids is awesome!

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hairbrain4 in reply to falalalala

The Tim Tebow Foundation also puts on an event like this through different churches throughout the country.

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falalalala in reply to hairbrain4

Very cool!

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hairbrain4 Inspiring! Great project with wonderful impact for all. Thank you for pitching in!

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It's people like you that makes the world go 'round! I have a mentally disabled son and I know that things like this are so special to him. Thank you!

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