Broken shoulder & Returning to work!

10 days ago, i fell and broke my shoulder. This is the first ive felt up to typing. Fall was not MS related...instead there was some loose flooring thst caused me to trip. Dr says no surgery and im healing well, but it will be slow. Anyone have good strategies for sleeping in a sling?

I met with my neuro yesterday and she has finally approved my return to work! She is very pleased with the progress I made in recovering from the relapse. Happy and nervous's been 4.5 months.

I appreciate you all -just grateful for you being here when anyone needs to reach out.

Thanks for resolving fears, sharing your selves and being you.


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  • Hi Kim, a broken shoulder, how on earth are you going to manage going to work. Thank God you don't need surgery, I pray that it will heal quickly and fully, try not to fall anymore, easier said than done sometimes! Lol 😂 keep us all updated with your progress, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • That's Great that you can go back to work latellama ! I know how much you missed it! So sorry about your fall through 😞 You have to watch out for those tricky floors. Me l just fall over dust😕 At least you have an excuse. As far as sleeping in a sling? Nope, always took it off. Sry. Feel better soon!


  • latellama, I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. Ouch! I fell and broke my elbow a few years back. It had to be replaced because it was shattered. I guess I went into surgery as Humpty Dumpty and came out as the Bionic Woman. 😂 I remember using a pillow when I slept. I placed it alongside my body, which allowed me to elevate my arm while I slept. I hope you sleep better than I did. It is hard to sleep when you are worried about rolling over onto your arm or further injuring it. I do pray you heal quickly and fully, and get the rest you need to make it through your work day.

    So happy you continue to feel better following your relapse and are able to return to work! 💕

  • So glad you're ok! I've never had a sling so no help there but take it easy.

  • Praying for a swift recovery and some good sleep!

  • latellama when I broke my arm a few years ago, and again when I had frozen shoulders, pillows were what helped me sleep. Strategically placed along side you to rest your arm on. You will have to experiment to find what works for you. Hope you heal quickly and enjoy going back to work.

  • Thank you! Last night I was able to sleep 6 hours through creative pillow arranging. Now to repeat tonight.

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