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Increasing heat intolerance


Anyone notice their heat intolerance getting worse? We are just getting our first days of spring like weather and 30 minutes outside and I'm totally flushed and feel like my face is on fire.

I have a cooling vest but don't usually need to break it out in March! This heat will make working in my yard much harder.

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My internal thermometer has crashed. I never used to sweat, sorry that's what horses do, but now out of no where, I break out in such a manner, my face goes red, I feel really weak, as though I am going to boil over. The other day it was only 14* but out the back door it was gorgeous. You could feel the tanning rays ready for action but the ms had better ideas. Get inside where it's cooler! Yuk, I love the sun, but it makes working in the garden so hard. I must get my hands on a cooling vest, 🦋 🌈

StacyHayward in reply to jimeka

I don't even sweat! Makes me hotter! Vests are amazing.

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to jimeka

14° is 57° for us jimeka l would be happy to just get above freezing 😅

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to jimeka

14° is 57° for us jimeka l would be happy to just get above freezing 😅

Eleyne92 in reply to jimeka

Sweating would be nice. I've never perspired much, and I've never tolerated heat well. Until we moved to Texas, I didn't notice it much because it cooled off at night and the humidity was lower.

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Eleyne92

You are not sweating or perspiring, I'm going to call it glowing!

Eleyne92 in reply to CalfeeChick

Nope, don't even do that. My internal cooling system has been out of order most of my life. 😛

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to jimeka

jimeka, my mother used to say that "horses sweat, gentlemen perspire, and ladies 'feel the heat.'"

jimeka in reply to greaterexp

Well my mum used to say' horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow' . I guess it depends what part of the world you come from. Lol 😂

As an old bat who's had MS for over 35 years, I've watched my heat intolerance get worse over the decades. At first I had problems with temperatures over 90-95'. Nowadays problems set in at about 80' or under. For most of those years I didn't sweat except if I had an infection. Recently some of the sweating has been coming back--but not much.

I have arthritis too, and because of it I find cold hard to take as well.

Eleyne92 in reply to agate

Ditto on the cold. We need that air conditioning, but even that is uncomfortable. Heat just makes it almost impossIble to move and cold generates spasms in my back. No happy medium, I'm afraid.

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to agate

I'm like you aggressive OA and now in 1st year of MS. Can't stand heat or cold.

StacyHayward my heat tolerance gets worse each year 🙁

My cooling vest does very little for me here in Florida. I did find one nice respite and that was in the walk in freezer where frozen fish are kept at the birds of prey center😉

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to erash

Cheater erash 😅😅🌠

StacyHayward in reply to erash

Luckily Utah has very dry heat. Almost no humidity. But it was only in the high 60s or barely 70 yesterday!


StacyHayward we are still digging out of the snow😑😠 But the sun shines so brightly through the kitchen window, that within just a couple of minutes lm ready to pass out.😢 That scares me! I sooooo love the ⛅ sun, I'm hoping that I can get my tan when it's 60° out!😅😅

I'm about ready to put my neck wraps back in the fridge! I did find my perfect temp. Is about 72 though ☺🌠

Yes! And it frightens me. It seems like I don't have to be out in the heat to have it affect me. Normal summer temperatures are in the 90's here in Texas, and we've already had one day that reached that mark. I hope I don't have to resort to wearing my vest inside. The line between safe and overwarm seems to be getting thinner.

I think maybe our bodies just need to get used to the heat again it'll take a couple days or weeks but you'll get back into it. does anybody know where I can get one of those vests for free

Hi Stacey, unfortunately I sweat like a racehorse since 2nd relapse. Even the cold makes me sweat - I have one confused system ! It literally rolls down my arms from pits ( TMI - sorry ! ) and is no match for any deodorant I've tried. It is so embarrassing and difficult to keep fresh.

I have found a good cheap method of keeping cool in heat - I wear a vest and keep going indoors to swill it in cold water, squeeze out and put back on - good old evaporation : ) Since I do not wear bra tops very often ( nothing to support lol ! ) this direct damp contact with torso works well for me. If need be I will wet my hair too.

I'll plop a link here to a website with cooling ideas :

Hope you find a way that helps you, Angela x

My internal thermostat has been messed up long before diagnosis. I've never tolerated heat well and it's gotten worse over the years. When I was younger and more active, if I got too hot while I was exercising outside or just doing something like hiking I would break out in hives all over my body. It was so weird.

Anything over about 75 degrees and I start to feel sick. I have a hard time doing anything when I get hot. I use neck wraps and have been thinking about getting a vest.

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