Does anyone deal with frequent infections of various kind? Back in October I was put on a round of antibiotics for bronchitis, then in December, since it wasn't any better, and had progressed into asthma and wheezing and headed toward pneumonia, I was put on a stronger antibiotic. My MS neuro took me off Aubagio, said that was causing it. Went to primary doc today, and now have another bacterial infection in the southern part of my body, flagyl this time. Not good to be taking antibiotics. Just wondering if MS weakens immune system worse than already is, and causes you to to catch every infection possible, even if yous stay home all the time, and spend most of your time in bed! I take lots of Vit C, probiotics, and Greek yogurt while on biotics, but obviously didn't help much this time! But, was just dx in 6/2016, so all new to me. Just wondering if getting infections a common symptom????????

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  • Hope all infections clear up and you are feeling better soon. If anything, I've found that I seem to get sick less often since being diagnosed.

  • Hi agapepilgrim, I am going to suggest what I have been using to keep myself recovering immune system and preventing new bugs coming: First after tons of antibiotics, your gut does not have good balance and good bacteria to keep your body out new infections. I drink Kelf liquid plain yougurt which is high level and variety of good probiotics, better than greek. Besides my probiotics from Digestive Advantage(Schiff), I order last month new Florassist GI with PHAGE TECHNOLOGY, from Life Extension. Read about, its destroi the bad bacteria to help the good bacteria grown. It has been use in pharma, and food long time. Also when we take antibiotics we need more B Complex to replace.I buy Mega B- Complex from Irwin Naturals.It is great ans also has pepper extract and ginger(both booster). In addition of I take Asian Energy Boost from Life Extension, which has Cordiceps(high protection, boost immune, and Fermented Asian Ginseng). More details related to my nose, I wash twice with Net Pot hipertonic solution and yesterday I bought at Wholefood Sovereign Silver to spray my nose without using anti histaminic or prednisone. It is already working to reduce my running nose only one day(silver is natural antibacterial). Now about the South Pole, I use vinegar douche and baby wipes plus extra water spray attach to the wall to prevent contamination from sweating. I had very low white blood count last years and recover all

    And do not forget about the Raw fresh peeled garlic,2cloves, plus blueberry everyday in a blender(frozen), and hot tea with green tea and ginger. All those It is what I have been using to help my body immune system against the bugs.😁

  • Miriade thanks for all the information. I buy the best supplements I can afford with my SS check. I do most of the other things, ever since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia since it is autoimmune disease also. Eat a lot of garlic. Juice a lot of raw greens, blueberries, etc. Cant do some of the healthy stuff cause of burning tongue syndrome-very sensitive. I usevSilver and sometime that works if I catch infection early enough. Nature way first! Always best if it works. Also 10,000 mg vit c to knock it! And probiotics! But don't mess around with possible UTI going into eColi. Thanks agsin

  • Agapepilgrim it's Fancy1959. Are you staying warm? Are you running a fever? According to my neurologist when you have MS you're immune system has into overdrive and it's sticking foreign body within yourself to attack. The only thing I could suggest would be a natural remedy that I use to keep colds from attacking me. First sign, a runny nose cough nasal drip condition in the head except

  • Fancy1959 thanks for reply my immune system has been in overdrive for 30!yrs with fibromyalgia and the rest of my body stays in first gear (dr actually told me that) so learn to walk slow and take mega vita/mins/lots of greens/but walk slow/don't over work adrenal system (which I did) and cortisol levels jumped thru the roof and sed rate skyrocketed and ---woops, this is a run on sentence but so are my health conditions cause one leads to another since I was born with a damaged neck, lived in stressful home, had poor nutrition and no love!!! Press on! Sail on said the brave admiral, sail on and on in the darkest night, with no land in sight, sail on and on, and on and on! And then zColumbus discovered America and I shall discover a new home in Glory with"no more pain, no more sorrow, no more death" no more infections or needles or MRIs or pappy smearing or squashing of tissue or bottles of pills to be opened and spilled or nights to lie awake and think forever or hands and feet whose brains work better than mine, and no more thermometers that are more like roller coasters and body parts that compete fir the most attention of pain (I think I am rambling and my PT has arrived to torture my body.)

  • Lol, agapepilgrim you crack me up! I love you. And does Aubagio suppress your immune system? I thought it didn't but I'm not sure. I think you said Dr told you to pause that. If it does then you know why you are getting sick, plus it winter and as we age viruses affect us more.

    Thank God for our hope in Jesus and our place in heaven.

  • Karen-x Duh!!! My MS brain totally forgot that the neuro stopped the Aubagio because it caused the infection of bronchitis to keep getting worse and antibiotics not to touch it and said it would take a long time OFF Aubagio before bronchitis cleared up so yep, bronchitis just went south like ibrould like to do right now!! Can't be on any DMT until no infections - which may be til the Kingdom comes seeing as his I am waiting to get a biopsy for breast mass! Amazing Gracd how sweet the sound!

  • Oh my lady!! I hope it's nothing. I'm waiting for a liver ultrasound report. Fingers crossed for us both. And Gods blessings. Probably be better off with the later.

  • Karen-x you are in my prayers too. Please let us know how your results go. Blessings Jimeka

  • Karen-x, and agapepilgrim, the need for prayer never stops. I'm praying for all of daily, if not many times a day. Keep us posted.

  • @karen-x, I pray everything turns out well for you. Please keep us posted we all love and care about you! Kelly xx

  • You still haven't written that book ' The humourous way to heaven by trial and error'. If you we were to vote on testing and trials, you would get my vote. You are one strong lady, and a mighty warrior. Never loose that sense of humour agapepilgrim, you are in my prayers, just one more hill to climb, blessings Jimeka

  • Ramble all you want or need to, that is why we are here!! I know it seems like the pain will last forever but it won't-I can see/feel how strangled and low you are at this moment, do what you can and try to pull yourself up. Sound like you are doing all you can (impressive), 'this too shall pass.'

    Now, I have had numerous UTI's as I self cath 6xday and have been on a multitude of antibiotics. A profilactic antibiotic (low dose) seems to work but of course, the great suggestions our blog-mates for 'a natural' are fantastic and should be inacted for you if possible but, MONEY can be difficult, do what you can.

    I do use a cleansing foam, Aloe Vesta, routinely. My Mediaid pays for it 100% plus my vitamins (however, not the pricey labels).

    Hugs, Linda

  • You're back! Are you ok? Good to see that you are still in the land of the living Fancy1959. God bless Jimeka

  • Agapepilgrim, it's Fancy. Somehow the second half text completely disappeared. I'm sorry had a rough few days not feeling well and I've not been as hands on in this chat room as I should be. The natural remedy I was talking about is I use saline nose drops at the first sign of any problems in the throat or head. Most of your bronchitis infection and pneumonia start in the head and move their way south. If my throat feels funny, I'm stuffy, or coughing with nasal drip I use the nose drops to irrigate my head and throat out thoroughly. I've been known to do it sometimes if I feel bad three or four times a day. After a day or two I'm usually back to normal. I worked in a setting with 300 people as a section supervisor for two years and during that time I never got a cold. Right now my husband and my son's getting sick but I don't because I use the nose drops at first sign that I have a tickle in my throat. It can't hurt. A bottle large size only cost $2 to $3 dollars. Sorry I did not catch this sooner but better late than never.😧😧

  • Fancy1959 My husband uses that every day also. But me? I don't have the typical body, don;t have the typical metabolism to meds, etc., I have never had a cold, nor the flu, no sore throat except for strep when 15. Thankfully my daughter is a respiratory therapist and back in October she heard me coughing on phone and freaked and said that it was going into pneumonia and go to doc that night. I did. Got antibiotics, etc., but I guess Aubagio blocked them, etc., etc., you know rest of story! The very strong inhaler doc gave me in Dec, along with strong steroids, etc., finally stopped infection in lungs (and, of course, prayer). No, I never got fever. If I get fever, Igo to ER, cause with my history, that means I am half-dead. lol. I get pneumonia without fever. When it goes into pleurisy I go into ER. Those pains are worst than labor pains! Esp, when I have both together. Enough about me; just posting so others won't ignore a deep cough that hurts the chest. Mine never start in head or throat, though. I take about 5,000-6,000 mg capsule or powdered C daily and oranges daily and lots of broccoll which I'm convinced is major prevention, and stay away from sick people, esp now with sick people everywhere in KY. I just have weak lungs. A lung specialist (forgot name of course) did a lung scope, found a lot lung scarring, which of course makes them more susceptible to bacterial and viral pneumonia. Get the vaccines every 10 years. I ramble on about myself, and you never tell us how you were - just say you were sick. You are the strong, quiet suffer in silence type. Bless you. I suffer in silence, too, but when I am on the other side, I let you all know - crying or laughing about it. I like the name of that book someone suggested I write "the humorous way to Heaven by trial and error, laughing and dancing all the way." First, though, my church is waiting on a bulletin I am weeks behind in producing, and they expect one without humor so it is not fun to do - totally serious! I have the inspiration for it - "the Greatest Thing is the World" by Henry Drummond because the front cover is a beautiful design of love (with February coming up, I decided to drag it along until February and they will think my procrastination was totally planned!!!). Well, enough, since feeling a tad better, I really should consider the removal of our Christmas tree from the living room since my hubby buddy seems to think that is one job he refuses to do!! Write a book, produce a church bulletin, or take the Christmas tree down?? Got any votes?? I hear you loud and clear!! Make some tea and watch McGyver!! Love you guys!

  • MS does not decrease the effectiveness of our immune systems but the med you are on for the MS may.

  • Morllyn yes, thank you, karen-x reminded me of the same thing. My neuro took me off Aubagio because he said it was causing my severe bronchitis infection, so stands to reason it would be causing this infection also since it stays in the body for a long time! Memory problems had me totally forgetting that since I have been off Aubagio since Dec. 3rd. Mmmmm....wonder what infection will be next??? I am taking 5,000 mg of 'vit C and everything else recommended by the health gurus!!! Thank you!

  • No problem, just hope you are doing better soon. Take care.

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