Vitamin B-12

I just reviewed my blood work with my PCP and my B-12 was 1223 with the range between 243-894. She felt that this might contribute to my confusion and lethargy. I checked my senior multi vitamin and found the B-12 to be 24 mcg or 417% DV. On the other hand, adult multi vitamins have 6 mcg or 100% DV of Vitamin B-12. Going back to my adult multi and hope I see a difference.

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  • Let us know how it goes.

  • Interesting, I didn't know that B12 could cause confusion, that is too much of it, please let us know if you improve by taking less, thank you Jimeka

  • I hope it works for you.

  • I did not realize that B12 could be overdosed, either. I had always thought that B12 was a water soluble vitamin, which meant that the body only retained that amount which could be used, and then flushed out any excess in the form of urine.

    Did your PCP think that the elevated levels may be a consequence of dehydration?

    Very interesting. Please keep us posted.


  • Did you have any other blood work done? Liver profile all right?

    Keep us posted!

  • SueAB I also did not know that excessive levels of B12 could cause confusion so I did some research. I found that there may be false elevations in lab tests and further testing might need to be done.

    There is a possibility that your serum, blood levels, are elevated because you're not metabolizing the B 12, so you are storing this water soluble vitamin that doesn't typically accumulate. there r tests for this .

    I was able to find some information on elevated B 12 levels and confusion however the articles did not indicate at what level.

    Often, b12 deficiency is cause. Of confusion.

    Please let us know what happens. be well!

  • Huh so l should eat more shrimp and lobster erash ?😁

  • Huh? I know red meat. No idea @shellfish. Will have to research 😊


  • Yup says she'll fish is full of b12 😁 and of coarse red meat 😅 but hey lm up for Maine lobster any day of the week😊

  • Grrr tablet 😕 shell!!

  • always learning something here :)

  • I am sorry but your primary care provider is an idiot. B12 will not cause lethargy more confusion. B12 helps and red cell production and normal protective issues, talk to your neurologist not your PCP

  • mayestas i actually did find articles citing correlation b/w hi levels and dementia

    But honestly, I have been in the med community for awhile and was never aware of this

  • Thanks erash, maybe I was a little harsh

  • No problem mayestas

    There is a lot of misinformation out there and unfortunately some of it does come from health care professionals

  • My neuro told me that both too low and too high levels can cause numbness/tingling.

  • That's crazy I'm barely able to keep mine at around 260 with the senior multi vitamins. I have problems with temp control and fatigue because of it

  • Fee09 i have to give myself b12 injections monthly and take daily sublingual b12 to maintain a normal level

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