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Results of MRI

I got my MRI results but have not discussed w my neuro yet. It showed lesions in the left subcortical frontal lobe and in the pons. I knew about the ones in the pons but not the frontal lobe. Report said they could have been there before, this was my first 3m MRI so the resolution of prior ones may not have detected it. (Not really buying that personally).

It also showed upper cervical degenerative findings on sagittal imaging. Anyone decipher? I think it means the disks in my neck are thinning.

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Karen-x, I can't answer re: the brain MRI results, but I ageee with you about the better MRI being able to detect plaques that were there before.

I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease when an MRI was ordered at the onset of my MS symptom. I was told it isn't uncommon. I was 33 at the time.


My mri's also show degenerative disc disease, I only know that because I have read the mri reports, no dr/neuro has ever even mentioned it


Karen-x i was told my initial 3 MRIs didn't show anything because they were not strong enough...I am thinking, given all the storie I read here, that MS is present long before it shows up on MRI

What does everyone else think?

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Absolutely erash !


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