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I do not do well when in the heat - 70+ I get overheated. Living in the northwest I thought summers would be the worst. Now I've learned summers are more predictable. I do well in the cold but I never know what tempature a building is going to be. I've been at a mall and become overheated and disoriented. Doctors offices seem to be the worse. Whenever I see my primary I get overheated and struggle. Have any of you learned any helpful tricks?

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  • T1-of-F1 , I've learned to place a wet( wringing) towel around my neck when I'm outside gardening during peak hours( 2-5pm). I've done this to ensure my core stays cool, and I'll actually be able to stay outside at least an hour or two longer. Now, if it's not within doors I make sure I wear cooler, thin clothing because I've learned others doesn't have share temperature as I do. I've also purchased a cooling towel from Target or carried my cooling vest along with me in cases like this one. But, please don't forget to keep hydrated cause it helps too!

  • Where in the NW are you, T1-of-F1? I live in WA, and understand exactly what you are talking about. I had to quit PT at a certain office because they kept their office too hot and I nearly dropped to the floor every time I was there for PT.

    Most of my clothes are summer weight. Short-sleeved tops, a light summer jacket when others wear fleece, and a fleece jacket when I am outside for an extended period of time. I leave my jackets in the car if I'll be in a mall or in and out of the car to an office. That way I don't have to carry my jacket around.

  • Hello! I'm sure nearly everyone understand what you're talking about.

    I'm in Southern Oregon, and though the temperatures aren't as extreme as my native Illinois, I can feel suddenly chilled or overheated many times.

    I hope you find some good suggestions here.

  • As balance is probably an issue as well as overheating-- you could try the OTvest weighted vest. The weight piece is hidden inside that helps with balance as it rests around your shoulders, upper back and front like someone kind of holding your shoulders to stabilize you. The weight piece has flat, steel weights inside and the whole piece can be taken out and put in the refrigerator or freezer quickly and really cools me off.

  • Cooling vest!

  • Do you have one? Which one? Do you like it?

  • I have a Steele brand vest with removable ice packs. Love it. Stays cold about three hours. I have a second set of ice packs too. Let's me enjoy being outdoors in the summer. Vest is fading a bit but I've had it three years or so.

  • Thought I'd chime in on these posts about Cooling Relief, T1-of-F1 - yes, cooling vests and other cooling garments are great and unobtrusive ways to stay cool in the heat.

    MSAA is a great place to learn more about how you can get them. Here is the link:

    - John, MSAA

  • I have the cooling vest. I got mine through MSAA cooling program. It came from polar products. I went to their website and picked up the packs for the bra. If you get anything make sure to do the items that come with the gel packs ( just my opinion).

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