What did you do to take it easy yesterday?

What tips or tricks did you use this holiday to destress? Did you ask for extra help? Did you decide to omit something that you normally do? Did you cut things short? How did you decide? Please share so we all can pick up and learn.😊💝

I have always picked and chose my fights, and now apply it to my life. I pick what's most important and let the rest kinda slid. As it can wait and stressing over dishes in the sink is just waisted energy.

Love Jes🎄💝

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  • Invite the in laws for dinner and let your daughter cook! It worked, a beautiful meal was had by all, blessings Jimeka

  • Unfortunately I didn't, but promising myself that I will next year... Have one more family get together to host tomorrow eve so after making strawberry jam this morning to give away, I am done for today...

  • I comprimised with my fiance. I went to his church pot luck and stayed a few hours so he went to see his mom without me

  • Jessmcd2, great post Jess. Since my sister-in-law has done Christmas for the last 15 years the stress was pretty much off me for a long time. And boy it has been nice the last couple of years. I usually only have to cook a dish or two to take along and that's no big deal. I do a little shopping but we don't go overboard on gifts cuz my husband is a big Scrouge!

    Probably one of the biggest things I still do is decorating the house and I got my boys and my husband to assist doing parts of it so it went pretty quickly and easily. Also on top of that this year I just didn't quite put out as much as usual because my MS had picked up a level this fall. That's about all I can think of Jess, I hoped it helped. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! Take care, Fancy1959

  • This year my husband and I spent a couple hours with an elderly friend of mine who has breast cancer and hasn't had a Christmas with anyone for at least twenty years. We showered her with loads of presents, mostly beautiful clothes. She is on a fixed income, and cannot buy like she would love to. It was a wonderful way to spend the holiday. Kelly xx

  • I let my husband and daughter handle all of the decorating , letting go of the control issues that I usually have with this wasn't bad at all.

    I sadly skipped the cut-out sugar cookies . Every time I let the butter sit to room temp, by the time it was ready, I wasn't . Next year I'm prompting my daughter to take over the cookies

    I did most of my shopping on line, more than the last time

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