MS eye problems webinar

There was a very good webinar last evening on eye problems sponsored by CanDo MS (I think it will be archived on their website). Thank you jimeka for alerting me to this.

Some good info on the use of OCT testing, the accessibility function on iPhones that can bold and enlarge print, and the fact that MS can affect vision and yet even neuro ophthalmologists may not be able to detect the progressing damage with the sensitivity of current diagnostic testing.

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  • I have had some problems with my eyes from the very beginning but no ophthalmologist can find any damage. When I am hot or stressed my left eye gets the feeling of a film over only the left side of it, sometimes my eyes get blurry. I have been to a few doctors but they never find anything.

    This last time I told my ophthalmologist that I wasn't just imagining it! He said that there could be damage being done along the optic nerve behind where he couldn't see.

  • Morllyn

    they discussed cases EXACTLY like yours last night. With ON there's sometimes a loss of central vision that causes blurriness and being over heated can cause worsening. I hope the archived webinar becomes available. I think you'd be abe to relate to the symptoms they discuss (I know I could and my eye exams are normal too)

  • Thanks, erash. I've watched a few of the archived CanDo MS videos and have been helped by them. My neuro turned me on to them last year.

    I have been complaining of blurred vision and eye discomfort in the afternoons/evenings for over 6 months now. I even went back to Costco repeatedly, telling them there was something wrong with my new glasses. They recommended I return to my eye doc to have my eyes tested again. 😉 I did. The prescription hadn't changed, but it was apparent to the opthamologost that my eyes had become so dry (progressing as the day wears on) that the dryness was distorting my vision. Just another thought...💕

  • Tutu

    My eye dr said dry eyes too

    The Blink drops made no difference...hope you get benefit tho

    When I explained my problem to my neuro nurse practitioner she said it was MS related retinal nerve deterioration

  • I'm sorry to hear that, erash. Did your neuro have any suggestions on how to prevent it from progressing? 💕

  • Tutu

    As per the webinar, the best defense is effective DMTs that help the entire nervous system.

  • Thanks erash for watching and gleaning from it. Much appreciated blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • erash, as always you're a step ahead in finding information most of us would miss. Thank you!

  • erash Hope this webinst becomes available. My eye problems are never detected by the neuro opthamologists. I've seen 3. Last one encouraged eye drops, which do help some with the double vision.

  • I thought of you Iona60

    So sorry I didn't let you know about this before--I actually forgot until about 10 min. Into it

    Consider contacting CanDo for the replay

  • Is this the webinar you are talking about, scroll to the bottom of the page...May 9th?

  • kdali thats the summary. The archived webinar is now up.

  • Erash, thank you!

  • I signed up for this Webinar too and found it informative.

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