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I'm a big fan of the work done at the Rocky Mountain MS Center. I've signed up for the upcoming Spring Education Summit that I can listen to from home. I would love to attend in person some day but I don't live in Colorado so it requires some planning. If you don't want to listen live, they will have a link to it online at a later time. is the link for anyone else that wants to sign up:

The agenda:

Main presentations by RMMSC physicians will include:

Does What I Do Matter?Dr. Teri Schreiner, RMMSC @ CU

Let's Talk About WellnessShannon Cornell, MSN, RN, ANP-BC, RMMSC @ CU

Eating Well with MSHolly Prehn, RD, CNSC

The Evolution of Our Understanding

of MS and its TreatmentDr. Timothy Vollmer,

Co-Director, RMMSC @ CU

Which DMT is Right for Me?Dr. Robert Gross, RMMSC @ CU

Reparative Therapy and

Other Research Updates

Dr. John Corboy,

Co-Director, RMMSC @ CU

Q&A PanelFeaturing Today's Speakers

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  • Raingrrl this looks fantastic! Thanks! For sharing.

  • Raingrrl, thank you posting this. It looks marvelous! It would be wonderful if there were a written transcript put out later.

  • @greaterexp...I agree. I would love a written transcript but I suppose at a lengthy event like this it would be a lot of work. I'll likely have to listen to it multiple times because my ability to remember things sux to be honest.

  • Our internet is pretty limited, so anything over a few minutes puts us over our limit. You'll have to share any tidbits you gather from this!