It's here! December 2nd!

Tomorrow, December 2nd, is the 58th Annual Meeting & Exposition in San Diego, California. International Doctors (mine will be there) will be talking & proving with factual data about their success with HSCT for MS. Ask your neurologist if they will be there. My guess is most won't want to kill their goose that lays the Golden Eggs. 91% chance of STOPPING THE PROGRESSION is a lot better than 50% of just slowing it down.

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  • 1RiskyRich is there a website for that?


    Unfortunately they are not having a live streaming of it. A friend will be there & my Dr. Ruiz, who's speaking, will be filling me in.

  • 1RiskyRich looks like quite an intense conference. Is your doc a hematologist or neurologist? I scrolled thru the scientific and education sessions and did not see anything @ MS or HSCt. Perhaps I missed it

  • Yes, my HSCT doctor is a hematologist. He is very well known and accepted in the USA. He runs Clinica Ruiz in Puebla Mexico. I see him 1-2 times a year. He has also worked and came up with the protocol with Dr. Burt from Chicago, Illinois and Dr. Fenerenko from Russia. It's why I say that MS was given to the wrong type of doctors. Nuerologist works on the nerves. By the time MS hits the nerves it's too late. You can only try to ease the damage. Never repair it.

  • I hadn't thought of it that way...being too late once it hits the nerves. I've had different issues for 7 yrs and I feel that it was a steady progression from attacking various other places in my body to finally hitting my CNS.....After several different procedures and biopsies from my several sites in my abdominal cavity to internal organs like my stomach & upper duodenum and my ovaries, they found lymphocytes in all areas. They tested me for Celiac, because of the lymphocytes and lesions in my digestive track, (it came back negative). I've been dependent on stomach meds (which have not helped to heal the lesions in my stomach. They just keep the heartburn & pain at a tolerable level). They sent me to a Rheumatologist for the chronic waves of almost debilitating joint pain, who sent me to a pain clinic???, and then the MS symptoms surfaced. All over the course of 7 yrs....So I think I agree that by the time some people's symptoms have escalated to send them to a Neurologist, it may be too late......Hmmmmm, good food for thought 1RiskyRich!

  • Good evening RiskyRich1, it's Fancy1959. As

    usual I'm a day late and a dollar short! Here it is December 3rd I just found your post, so sorry. As others stated it's very good food for thought. I wonder if we'll find an article in it in any of the MSSA newsletters coming out for the month of December. I would love to read it and see how they recap it. Please anybody and everybody if you find such an article, please let us know where you found it.

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