We look the Same as You

We look the same as you,

So how could it possibly be true.

We might walk with a cane,

And yes we are vain.

But ask us about it.

We have no shame.

We look the same as you,

So how could it possibly be true.

We might be in a chair,

But please don't stair.

We don't want to stumble,

It saves us from that fumble.

We look the same as you,

So how could it possibly be true.

When you talk to us,

And hear our slurring,

Know that our brains,

Are trying to keep up.

We look the same as you,

So how could it be true.

We plan for everything

We know the price we pay.

The day trip you want,

Takes us 3 days in every way.

We look the same as you,

So how could it be true.

You don't see the words scramble,

In our heads,

As we search for them to come out.

The tears and fustration when your fed up.

We look the same as you,

So how can it be true.

To be beyond tired,

Is something you never see.

You watch your world go by,

No matter how hard you try.

We look the same as you,

So how could it be true.

Yet, we still get up everyday,

We smile, and see what

Challenges bring.

Because yes.

We look the same as you,


It is true.

We have Multiple Sclerosis

But we don't let it stop us.

Even with all the fuss.

17 Replies

  • You did a beautiful job. So true. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Jes, , did you write this? It certainly hits home, well done. I am sending it to all my family.

  • If u wrote this, what wonderful talent with words!

  • Wow that is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • That's beautifully expressed through word and emotion, Jes. Thanks for sharing it. 💕

  • This is beautifully put.😊

  • Your words expressed all the feelings I have! Thank you for putting this on here!

  • Thank you jesmcd2 for sharing our consternation so eloquently. :)

  • Jes, that is so beautiful. It brought me to tears. Thank you friend. Kelly

  • Thank you all for your kind words :) and yes l wrote it lol this is what happens when I wake up at 3am.

    You all were the inspiration for this. So Thank You. :)

  • You have quite a talent! At 3:00 a.m.??? Sheesh! What are you capable during daylight hours?

  • LOVE the post, Happy holidays to all!

  • Wow. This brought me to tears. Real life heroes.

  • Jesmcd2, do you mind if I post this on Facebook? I have some friends who would appreciate it as much as I did.

  • Hi MarciaD l dont mind just put my name on it? And if they don't like it take it down lolol

  • Will do! Do you want your real name on it? I don't think I know it!

  • Wow! Jesmcd2 it's MSFighter responding back to poem. What you so elegantly yet simplistically wrote on this page sums up the struggles and triumphs that we the people who battle our common enemy, this fire breathing dragon living inside us, each and every day. As we struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy that allows us to fit in as a regular member of society your poem points out that oftentimes the struggle is not within ourselves but within Society itself accepting us as normal.

    You've made a powerful statement that the members of this chat room can relate to at a very common basis. We may not all walk with a cane, we may not all be bound to a wheelchair, we may not all have speech difficulty or memory lapses but we all suffer from this Beast within in our own unique way. Jess, I for one feel blessed to count you amongst my friends. How can we not be stronger together when we have so many talented and creative people among our ranks. 😆🤘💪👍😉

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