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Where have you all gone? πŸ‘€We miss you so very much!😭

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As this chat room continues to expand and our membership grows and grows, along the way we have lost many dear friends. This is a plea from members of your extended family to come back home and visit from time to time. We understand life goes on and our schedule gets extremely busy but we miss you and want to hear from you occasionally. Your input, your Insight, your knowledge, your kindness, and your humor is greatly missed.

We worry about some of you because not hearing from you can sometimes harbor bad news. Please take a minute, even if it's just three or four times a year, and let us know you're still with us, watching from afar, and that you are okay. There are too many names to mention but you know who I'm speaking about. If I start trying to list names I'm bound to leave people out and that might upset someone.

We wish to hear from you if only to say hi and I'm okay. Please hear our plea and respond to this post.

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I have come and gone and am back again. Hi!

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Fancy1959 in reply to Midgey_Midge06

Midgey_Midge06, I have totally enjoyed your input recently and I'm glad you have come back home! So this is my official reply to say hi back and to remind you not to abandon your extended family again! We miss you so much when you're not active. Glad you're back!πŸŽ‰πŸ˜„

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ditto to what Ms Fancy1959 said, it's always nice to hear back from any of you once in a while. Hey, @MSAAJohn, can we get a list of member's "handles" so maybe we can send a note via the forum to see how they might be doing?

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jimeka in reply to CalfeeChick

CalfeeChick i gave Jesmcd2 a list, when she played her game of tag, blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹

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Allen5280 in reply to jimeka

Sorry I missed the game of tag... I was having a moment of playing like an ostrich, sticking my head in the sand. (Yes, I know that's a myth and they just put their heads in the hole to check on their young). Sometimes, when things get a little overwhelming I just need some solitude.

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Jesmcd2 Do you have a list of handles of members you could send, Maybe that could be our March effort, contacting members to see how they are doing.. Just a thought..

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Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to CalfeeChick

Umm yes,? CalfeeChick if and when I can find it.πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚ give me a bit.... thinking.. ouch...😭🀀


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HEY! I'm finally here. (YAY)

Hi all! My computer quit on me until I just got a new one. It's taken me some time to figure out how to work things. Honestly, I like how my old computer worked better. Makes me sad how much I lost (shortcut to Health Unlocked and this wonderful chat room) pictures of family and friends. Just glad I found you!!! Thank you for asking!


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Fancy1959 in reply to jennie62

Oh Jennie62, t is so very good to hear from you. We have missed you in the chat room. I understand computer problems. I am not a techie type person and computers can be difficult sometimes, especially if they're new to me, for me to figure out also. We are glad you found us to because we have missed your input. There should be a place when you get to help unlocked to put a shortcut on your screen. If you can't find it type into the help area and ask for assistance. I don't think it was difficult when I put it on my notebook and if I have time Jenny I will go back and look and get back to you about doing it. Glad you are back and remember not just be a stranger! Together we are stronger! Take care until we speak again.πŸ˜πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

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Fancy1959 in reply to jennie62

Jennie, it looks like you have an easy fix to putting a shortcut on your home screen from the health unlocked website. When you are on the website look for the three small dots in a vertical row in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click on those and scroll down towards the bottom and you will find the button that says add to home screen. That should put your shortcut on the home screen if I am remembering correctly. Try that and let me know if it works. Fancy

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to jennie62

Glad to see you!

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jennie62 in reply to CalfeeChick

THANK YOU! I did it! No one here is lost anymore!

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Fancy1959 I am here and alive. I was down with the flu for five weeks, actually lived in a nightgown in bed for five weeks, thought I would die! Thankfully I have rejoined the human race again.😝 I follow all the posts. I pray for everyone. I love you all so much. God bless. Kelly xx

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Amore55, it's Fancy1959. I am overjoyed because I have heard back from you! I have thought and thought about you, worried about you and wondered how you were handling your pain and this dreaded monster we call MS. You being absent from the chat room for so long was like someone put a hole in my heart. I am sorry that you have had the flu. It can be devastating to have while on MS. I'm glad that you have recovered. I plead to you to occasionally come back to the chat room and reply to a post or make it post so we know you're doing okay and are still with us. Your wisdom and kindness we're greatly missed in the chat room. Please do not be a l stranger any longer. My heart is singing because I have heard from you!πŸ’— Fancy

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Hello everyone,I have to say I have been ok. But I also have realize that the IV therapy of steroids worked so food. And now I am feeling all tired again and weak. Just don't want to be on them for long periods of times. And also this year switched from Copaxone injections to Aubagio 14mg tablets. So happy no more pokes and it seems to be doing good. Does anyone else take this drug. Well hope everyone is doing the best they can. Happy Thursday

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Thank you for posting this shout-out to anybody who hasn't shared in a while, Fancy1959 - great idea! We know that's the beauty of this forum: sometimes you may just want to read and collect info, other times you feel the need to contribute and start a conversation. Either way, we're all glad you're a part of this online discussion!

CalfeeChick - if you or anyone is looking for a list of all user members of My MSAA Community, look no further than the "Followers" link at the top of the site. Or you can go directly to:


- John, MSAA

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to johnMSAA

Thank you!

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I may not be commenting but I’m reading the comments

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I love you all so much....

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