Mentally Strong

I am the youngest of 10, 7 girls and 3 boys. No one in my entire family on either side has M.S or has had M. S. Although we do have auto immune disabilities such as R.A I used to be a very active person, my career was a Operations Mgr. for automotive co. travelling a lot which I loved. I got RX in 2006 when I first moved to Texas by myself and received the news by myself. I was very happy because I finally knew what I had other then an "anomaly" which I was called due to my seizures. So here I am taking my med living my life 2 years on SSDI living with my sister and doing the best that I possibly can.

God is Great every day!

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  • WOW Christosa62! You are a great example for everyone to persevere. :)

  • Welcome to the site. Sounds like you are very strong minded. Hope you come bhai back here often. Lots of great new friends here than can answer questions or maybe you can help someone here. We all share the MS. Lynn

  • I like your attitude, Chistosa62. I'm sure that positive determination, along with your faith, helps get you through the rough days. Bless your sister for making sure you aren't doing this all by yourself. We're here too! 💕

  • Hi and welcome Chistosa62 to the best chat ever :) You have a Hugh family :) l have 5 younger brothers and l thought that was bad. Bless your mother's heart.

    Please feel free to jump in at anytime. We talk about pretty much anything and everything here. We consider this a safe place, with no judgment. And it is a great place to vent if needed. :) We are all on this roller coaster ride they call MS together. Welcome again.

    Getting a dx'ed is always a good thing, it's the not knowing what's going on with you that drives you nuts. How long did it take you?

  • Welcome ! I'm sorry you have reason to be here, but are so glad you found us! Yes, God is good! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Welcome Chris, I wish we were meeting under different circumstances but as everyone on here as said, it's a great place to feel at home and also be able to let go. Blessings Jimeka

  • Welcome to the group Chris. Sorry to here about your dx, but as you mentioned, it's nice having confirmation of this disease. I think you will find a very warm and receptive group here. We may share a majority of the symptoms with each other, but this disease also seems to put a different spin on each individual and what they are going through. If someone isn't experiencing something you have, they try to direct you as to where you might find information and if they can't do that, then they offer the best moral support. Judi😊

  • Christosa62 , i am MSFighter and I would officially like to welcome you to this wonderful chat room! You have found a safe place to ask questions and to increase your knowledge about MS. I hate that you had to be diagnosed and I go through this whole ordeal of figure out what was the abnormality in your life alone. You deserve to be surrounded by support, friends, and family that loves you. We have become one large family in this chat room. It's full of great people, with great senses of humor, lots of compassion and caring. I'm so glad you have found this. Please post any questions or concerns you have and we will do our best to get them answered as promptly as possible. You are in good hands here. Please make use of the wonderful resource that we are. I would like you to remember that together we are stronger. And I would like to officially welcome you as one of our newest MS Warriors. As an MS Warrior, we never give up and we never give in we just simply fight on. So to you our newest MS Warrior I simply say fight on Ms Warrior, fight on!

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