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So on Monday I had the maint. man come by because the A/C was froze up. Tuesday while I was at work, somewhere between 4:30 and 5 my guest bedroom closet caught fire. So now I am living in a Hotel (FUN) so happy for Renters ins., I use a walker 24/7 so your suppose to take inventory of all your stuff, well the Man from Service Master's told me not to worry that he would do that for me. Everyone has been so wonderful, so Yesterday I moved some stuff to the Hotel, 0 energy thank God for good friends, that had to push me in the walker, I just could not do it. SO LIFE GOES ON. SHIT HAPPENS

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😕 that sucks, but Thank God for good people and that your okay. ❤🌷

😲😬 I am so sorry! That sucks!

I hope that things get straightened out or fixed quickly for you!

REDLIPS44 in reply to Morllyn

Thank you

Morllyn in reply to REDLIPS44

So what was in the bedroom closet?

REDLIPS44 in reply to Morllyn

I have three daughters and all their baby pictures were in the closet. Other than that just some Christmas stuff some clothes that are too small LOL

Morllyn in reply to REDLIPS44

You will never forget them as babies but, if by chance you do, you probably won’t remember that they are even your children and you will not care. 🤭😳😬😂

Yep, wow! Good for you that people are good to you👍 Hope everything goes better too, Blessings---🌹💜Jazzy

me to hope it moves fast. Thank you

Oh gosh that is so bad at least you were not at home or even it wasn’t at night. I’m glad you are safe and that people are helping you.

Try to take it slow and easy. I know that is easier said than done.

Thank goodness for insurance

Amen, Thank you

I'm praying for you,do they know how it happened? Mary

lucky you are to have people help you. I'm so glad

you're okay.

Best Regards,


I'm sorry about the fire, but am so glad you're all right!

So sorry about the fire, glad you are okay and that you are safe. Keep us updated on how things go for you when you can.


Glad you're safe. Stuff isn't that important for the most part it is replaceable you are not.

Oh my gosh! So pleased that you are safe. Keep us updated, blessings Jimeka 🦋

REDLIPS44 in reply to jimeka

Thank you so much

Enjoy Room Service!

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