The auction Queen strikes again!

The auction Queen strikes again!

Hi gang it's Fancy1959. Along with going through Peddlers Mall I also love to go to small auctions. A week ago last Friday I went to a small auction close to where I live and as I was rummaging around the back of the auction material I found a little blue treasure. In the estate auction I found a small City Bug II Scooter. The exterior was in really good shape which bespoke to me that the unit was taken pretty good care of. It would not start but the auctioneer up front told us that it needed new batteries because it had been sitting for awhile in the estate goods. I purchase the small electric scooter for a low low $60. My husband is going to check out the motor next weekend when he comes home from out of town job he's working. Then I have to order two batteries online which will set me back about $70. And the final piece of the puzzle is to get a small rear trailer that sits in the hitch on the back of our small SUV to haul it around on. That will set me back another $100 to $125. So for a grand sum total of $250 I can be totally independent again. Used on the internet or found locally they usually) start about $500 and go up from there. I did not realize how dusty and dirty the little scooter was but I believe a bath will fix it up and make it shine. So for now use your imagination and look past the dirt. Here's a picture of my new Kentucky Wildcat Blue scooter! Go Big Blue!

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  • Hi Fancy, do you ever sleep? Again I am just getting up. I love the new wheels, I hope it all works out for you and you get the independence that we all crave. Have fun and send us a picture of you on it when you have got it working. What a bargain. Blessings Jimeka

  • Hey that's great Fancy1959 and l love the name of her. Go Big Blue!

  • What a find! Good hunting Job, Fancy! I hope the motor is in top condition. Maybe your husband ought to put a horn on it. You might need to honk to clear the sidewalk when you come racing down the street!

  • Awesome!!

  • Fantastic! :)

  • This is great. 😊

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