Silent Auction results are finally in!

Silent Auction results are finally in!

Once again the Lexington MS Walk took place on a cold, windy, and cloudy day . The temperatures never left the low to mid forties and it misted a bit early in the day. This greatly affected turn out end the crowd at least half.

If it wasn't for Agapepilgrim and her husband Frank, I could never had pulled the silent auction off! They nearly worked themsselves to death! I also have to mention my husband , two of my sons, my sister, and three of my neices who came and helped us to set up and run the auction. Without them we would have been lost! We raised close to $600 at the auction. I had hoped to double that amount with the number of items we had up for auction. We took a lot of stuff home and made deals on additional items that were way too cheap. Next year I have a new game plan to cut the auction down about 75%. I am going through the bid sheets and only the items that sold well this year.

My Team, MSFighters raised around $2,900. Of that $2,900, I personally raised just over $2,700! Honestly, how can I call that amount of money going to the MS Walk and for research to help all of us anything but a HUGE success!

Pictured, left to right is Frank, Agapepilgrim, and me, Fancy1959!

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  • That is overall an Awesome success and I like your game plan. Thank you and all for all your hard work!

  • Well done, a huge success, be proud of yourself, blessings to you all Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • Wow, awesome!

  • A lot of work went into planning and then executing that. Thanks Fancy1959 and agapepilgrim. Great job!

  • Thank you for inviting me into this new experience, Linda! Boy, was it ever a new experience - about starting to move the lawn with a riding lawn motor and finding a sloth wrapped completed around it!! And I turned into the sloth because I was so fatigued my brain went into total cognitive nothingness and I didn't even know what an auction sheet was!! Linda's family saved the day! (They didn't see the sloth so it didn't bother or shock them!). But, hey, how can you put a value on what cure the MS is going to create with $2,900??? I KNOW!!! A way to keep myelin from running away from the sloth that is crawling around in my brain scaring it all away never to be seen again!!! And that leaves my poor nerves totally naked - and I am a Christian and do NOT believe in nudist colonies and now I have a brain full of them! How ironic, comical, treacherous, surprising, and totally unpredictable MS is!

  • agapepilgrim

    Thank you for your hard efforts towards curing MS 👍

    A real sloth? I thought they were only in jungles? 😳

  • Fancy1959, great job on the auction. All of your hard work paid off! Well done. Love, Kelly

  • You all must be tuckered out, but I'm grateful you put so much work into helping folks like us. Who knows what great thing will come of that money you raised? Bless you!

  • Fancy1959

    You may have not reached your expectations but sounds like a success to me! 🏆

  • That is so wonderful! You should feel proud of yourself for such an effort. Glad you and agapepilgrim are together!!

  • @erash haven't you ever felt like having MS was like being lost in a jungle??? Vines everywhere choking your way, strange animals you've never seen before coming whether ti hurt or help we know not, and the ground - goodness, who knows what we will step on next: a snake, a spider, a sharp stone, quicksand, poison ivy? Well, you just take this analogy and let your imagaination run wikd because I have been living in a jungle a long time!! Whie everyone outside the jungle tells me it is my imagination because all they see is a sunny beach with palm trees!

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