No electricity

Hi all I want to let you know I had a wild Sunday we had a storm here in New England and the rain some places got 5 inches of rain some places the winds were up to 80 mph and I lost my power I was in my recliner chair and the batteries didn’t work then on top of that I cell phone didn’t work it was charged but I did not realize you have to shut down your phone about five minutes once a week so It can recharge. So with my husband working on his tree crew he wasn’t Home and then my son works at Logan airport he was at home well about 4 AM I lost the power and I couldn’t get out of my chair and on top of that my alarm I have you know the way you press I’ve fallen and I can’t get up it didn’t work so I can couldn’t call anyone and I had a wait for the power to come back on luckily for me it came back on in 45 minutes one little tidbit make sure you change your batteries often.When I told my son he went out and bought me batteries Here it is day four After the storm and there are some people who do not have power whole towns are shut down that’s pretty sad because some of them won’t get power till the end of the week and let me tell you the temperature is l 37°F what I got out of all this be thankful for heat, make sure to power different your cell phones and make sure you change your batteries in your electric recliner.

Oh make sure you have some one check on you if the power goes out.

Remember too change your clocks this weekend.

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  • I'm so sorry that you had to go through that ssdw1958 Thank goodness it was only 45 mins. But I'm sure you were scared 😨to death! I'm glad that your using it as a reminder to us ALL,

    To check batteries, medications, and other essential supplies for power outages. 😊

    ~Hugs n Luvs ~

    J 🌠

  • Hi jesmcd2 it was scary I did ask my neighbor if we lose the power again if she couldn’t get to my house ( she has a key to my house)could she please call our towns fire dept because I have what is called a lock box it has a key to my house in it,they put a key to my house in it. It’s next to my house door. Which would have been good if everything worked, right.

    But I’m good now, Yeah !!


  • ssdw1958 that is scary, but thank you for sharing about batteries and everything. Good info. Glad you are ok. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🤗

  • That's some wild weather, ssdw1958! We've had stunning fall temps, sun, and colors here, but we're expecting cooler temps and rain anytime now. Timely advice. Thanks. And so happy to hear you are ok. Yes, scary! 💕

  • Thanks, it has been crazy here but we are lucky we have electricity not like the towns around us they don’t have electricity and it is cold. Some people’s homes have literally been cut in half by very large trees. Last night was Halloween 🎃 it was good but I was across the street and looking at my house and I have 4 very large trees next to my house I am so lucky that they are still standing.

    I can be thankful that everything is better than it could have been.

  • ssdw1958, I can’t imagine those stressful hours, but you seem to have handled it all pretty calmly! I’m so glad you’re all right!

    Thank you for the reminders!

  • Crazy! Do you live around the Boston area? I haven't heard from my sister about this. She lives in one of the suburbs of Boston.

    Glad you're okay!

  • I live north of Boston the Northshore area I also no that N.H. If finally getting there powder back i only lost mine for less than an hour. But some people are still with out power and it has been cold but tomorrow it’s going into the70*f crazy 😜 weather

    I hope your sister is doing well.

  • I'm sure she's fine. I'm having trouble remembering the area in Boston she lives. She used to live in Cambridge but now lives... Crap, I'm going to have to Google Boston suburbs... Found it...Somerville. Crap, I hate my lack of memory!

  • I know the feeling my brother has moved do you think I can remember where he lives all I know it’s about an 1 1/2 hours south, west from me. But I do know my area which is called the Merrimack area got hit with the high winds an rain. My husband that works on tree removal has been working so much he-came home yesterday around 11am I was shocked didn’t know who was coming in the door but it was so good to see him

    He is still working crazy hours there are still people without power and it is getting cold out.

    I told him if that ever happened I probably would have had to go to a hotel. Wouldn’t want to spend the money but seriously it has been cold.

  • Well, I sure am glad you are ok. Sometimes even the best plans go awry no matter how hard we try. Just curious when you mentioned your phone, was that a cell phone or your house phone? I bought a portable cellphone charger that I keep charged up. I sure like the idea of the lock box with a code entry. We have a code box for our garage door and a friend has the door key into the house. Best to you, Lynn

  • Hi it was my cell phone and it was fully charged I also so have my charger next to me I did everything right so I thought one. Thing I w forgot and it was to check the batteries for my chair I won’t do that again. My son felt so bad and I told him it wasn’t his fault but he went right out and brought me new batteries and I also asked him to get batteries for the smoke detectors since we have to change the clocks back this weekend mights

    That is one thing I am afraid about is a fire.

    So I am all changed up. That was my way of a joke, I better keep my day job oh yea I don’t have one LOL


  • ssdw1958 Here in Maine we had the same weather system except the wind hit Mon. AM. We went about 3 days without power, we have it back now, but my 92 yr. old father-in-law is with us as his home doesn't have power yet. Our home had a tree scrape the siding off one corner, but I just keep reminding myself that at least our home isn't a pile of ashes like so many in CA, or it has not been blown away as those that recently experienced hurricanes went through. Thankfully I was not in an electric recliner, but my brother-in-law has cancer and heart problems and misses his chair !!!

  • You are so right about all the devastatione that has gone through out this country and beyond. I have always said I will take a bizzard or a Nor’easter over other weather catastrophes that happens in other parts of this country.

    I hope all is well with you and your Family.


  • ssdw1958 thanks

  • ssdw1958 , how scary that must have been ! Power outages are my idea of a nightmare. Over 30 years ago I lived in the Boston area, and there was a bad ice storm leaving us (me and my two kids and our cat) stranded without power for 4 days. We burned furniture in our fireplace, we spent our days in a hospital waiting room and at a neighbor's where they had a better fireplace. Lost a week's supply of groceries from the refrigerator, and the motel bill was high. Sounds as if things haven't improved there since then. We were new to the area and had few people to turn to. I wasn't disabled then but working at home. I depended on an electric typewriter and electric light to do my work. Couldn't work for those days of course.

  • It is scary to loose the power we had lost the power maybe 7 years ago it was cold our wood stove was not working my younger son was in the 7th grade grade we only lost it for 17 hours at one point I saw an electric truck in front of my house and then it drove off I jokingly said to my son did I pay the electric bill I know I did at that point he didn’t care he was under about 3 blankets and playing with a game good thing I had batteries. Just before it came on he had a friend call and asked if he could sleep over I said to my son ask if he has power and he said yes then my answer yes but just after he left we got power It is truly amazing how much we need it.

    Everyone remember to change your batteries and charge your phones and shut your cellphones off for at least 5 minutes once a week it updates your memory and all the technical stuff on your phone 📱

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