Foot Drop AFO Pic

Foot Drop AFO Pic

In another post, someone asked what an AFO is. Here's mine. It fits inside my shoe. Hanger Orthotics/Prosthetics molded it to fit my lovely leg. (Ha!) And since it requires shoes that tie, I look quite fashionable in my tennies and winter oxfords no matter the season or occasion. 😉 As for the designer blue stripe, that's painter's tape holding the footbed together until I can get back into Hangar to have it repaired. And sorry the pic is sideways. It wasn't that way when I took it! I'm just happy I was able to post it...and ALL by myself! ☺️

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  • Hey, well done Tutu, congratulations. I had the same problem with not being able to turn the picture around, maybe somebody on here who is technologically minded can show us how you do it. I find that it's a nuisance having to wear lace up shoes in the summer, and having to wear socks, with the AFO, it gets too hot, so if you have any suggestions, they would be appreciated. Hope your not too tired from the grandsons sleep over. Take care Jimeka x

  • Ah, thank you, Jimeka. We thoroughly enjoyed the boys. They had fun too. The youngest was unhappy when he found out we were taking him and his brothers back home this afternoon. Made me feel good--worth the extra work, the naps missed, and the mess left behind when they left. I plan to sleep in and do nada tomorrow. I love those boys, but I really love the idea of a day of rest.

  • It's not too pretty, but I've worn the AFO without socks when I've worn it with sandals. It's best to swear sandals that have buckles or such., so the structure of the sandal (and buckles) can keep the orthotic in place. The AFO had a harder time staying in place when I wore my velchro sandals.

  • I saw a physical therapist who used an "Autoambulator" machine from which I was hung over a tread mill to teach my brain not to drop my toe anymore, and, IT WORKED!

  • Never heard of such a thing! So happy it worked for you. I'd be afraid what little brains I have left intact would dislodge and scatter should I be hung by my toes. 🙃

  • Thank you for posting the clear photo. I may need one of those and had been looking around for photos but I wasn't getting the idea from those I've been looking at.

    To rotate a photo, it depends on where you've saved the photo but usually there's a little symbol somewhere along the top of the photo-editing tool, maybe an arrow going clockwise or counterclockwise, and you click on that to rotate the photo once, twice, etc., until you get it where you want it.

  • Thanks, Agate. The AFO was upright on my phone camera. Looked, but didn't see a rotate icon here when the photo ended up sideways. Next time I'll rotate the pic on my phone until it posts upright on the site here. 😊

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