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Stinging = Nerve Pain?

Anyone else experience a stinging sensation in their neck muscles? I woke up with a stiff neck about a month ago and did some PT but it just wont go away. It turned into weakness/soreness and now my whole left arm is very stiff. I have sone numbness/tingling/burning in fingers but still not sure if it is nerve or muscle related. Neuro is ordering an EMG, not sure if that will clarify things.

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Hi Sep, I had a car crash and suffered whip lash. Right side of my neck used to really hurt, then eventually I was tingling in my fingers, then numbness. They tried to tell me that it was carpel tunnel, but the pain spread up into the right side of my face. I always has a microwave heat pad around my neck. I ended up going to a chiropractor and she wrote to my neurologist suggesting that I needed an MRI after which proved my C4/C5 disc had serrated my spinal cord. I am not suggesting this is what's wrong with you but keep at them until you get to the root of the problem. I ended up having my disc out but I am left with brachial nerve damage. Anyway let us know how you get on. Cheers Jimeka


Thank you! My neck MRI from 15 mnths ago said this: "Mild disc degeneration and bulging annulus 4th cervical interspace" but my doc never said anything about it. I just took an MRI a few weeks ago and he just said there is one new lesion but no mention about this disc. Ill have to order & read the MRI report myself.

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I would want to know where the legion is and what he going to do to in my speak...to kill that sucker. Mine was at c7 and I let it go to long and it did permanent damage .


That's how I got my diagnosis one minute I was healthy the next they were telling me I had MS. Well to be fair fall before school stated 3 years ago that's how it started it got really bad. I went to the chiropractor got it works out she thought I needed an MRI but I was worried about the cost. Mistake :(. The next July I started getting numbness and stinging in my extremities. I went back to my chiropractor thinking I was out of alignment but it didn't get better so I went to my doctor who took X-rays and gave me muscle relaxers long story stort I went to several other doctors over the next few weeks and was diagnosed with this monster. The reason I tell you this is don't ignor the stinging sensations mine are now perminate in both hands sometimes it's beyond bearable. Get it seen too!


MRI Report: There has been development of more focal left lateral cord signal abnormality at the C3 level. Minimal broad-based posterior disc osteophyte complex results in mild effacement of the ventral thecal sac. Uncovertrebal joint hypertrophy and facet arthropathy contribute towards mild to moderate right-sided and mild left-sided neuroforaminal stenosis.


That sure as heck does not sound as simple as one new lesion to me. This is why I always get the reports and verify myself although it is sad that we have to do this as patients.


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