wheel chair transfer aide

First of all let me say I am not associated with this company in any way. I urge you to do your own research on this or any product.

I recently found this product and think it could be useful to anyone that needs to transfer from a wheel chair to bed, car seat, commode, etc. I'm still very much in the learning curve but I can see the benefit. I am wheel chair bound, and can see once my wife and I get good with this transfer board/apparatus it has the potential to change some aspects of our lives. We found it, like most medical equipment to be overpriced but we took a chance anyway. It's patented so I could not find another manufacturer but if you do please post it here so others can benefit. It's the Beasy board.

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  • Thank you for that info, I am not at that point yet but this is good information to have.

  • Thanks for posting about this. It's always good to have information for now or later on.

  • Good post Downrigger, blessings Jimeka. Hope you and your wife find it helpful 🌈 🦋

  • downrigger , thanks for sharing this. I'm pretty sure I'll need one of these bad boys sooner than I'd like and, considering things like my ( unfortunate ) size and my hubby's own health issues, this model might be the best option.

  • Looks neat!

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