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I was diagnosed in May of 2015, at age 65, with primary progressive MS. Befor that I was seeing a neurologist for Essential Tremor and considering having deep brain stimulation surgery. I had the surgery in Nov. 2015 and it made an enormous improvement in my tremor, although my right hand and left leg still tremor some. AS for the MS, I have recently started some PT and Speech therapy to help with balance and swallowing/voice issues. I am waiting to see what the FDA (and my insurance co.) have to say about the possible med. for primary progressive that is being looked at. This is not what I imagined retirement being like,but I guess I am lucky that I am retired and have the time and some energy to deal with everything.

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  • What is the med you are looking at, hope you get it, I have PPMS so please keep us informed how you get on, hope when you get it, that it works for you, Cheers Jimeka

  • The new drug for PPMS and RRMS is Ocrevus (ocrelizumab). My neurologist wants me to consider the medication. However, B-cell depletion is not insignificant treatment. She wants to watch how others respond and how my MS is progressing. I am on the border of RRMS and SPMS. But for others, she stated they had no choice.

  • Welcome to our My MSAA Community, bavery207 ! Thank you for sharing your MS journey so far, and we certainly want you to keep us posted on here.

    - John, MSAA

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