Does anyone have nerve pain that makes them feel like they plugged themselves into an electric socket? I know the starting point is somewhere in my neck, but it gets into my left shoulder which shoots lancinating electric shocks down my left arm into the tips of my fingers and if someone touches that part of my shoulder, or the inner part of my elbow, or behind my knee, or the arch of my foot, my whole left side goes into the most painful spasms! And then it starts from my hip down my leg and nobody can touch behind my knee or the same thing happens. It's so painful I want to scream. Then my skin feels like it's in flames. Lyrica seems to help, but it makes me loopy. Any one have any experience with this and with treatments?

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  • Sorry Sukie, I am on Lyrica too but I think mine is dulled from the concoction I take for RLS . I get the burning and tingling in the fingers and my feet go numb, I hope you find some relief for it quick. God bless Jimeka

  • Hugs Sukie427 l hope they can find something that works for you soon. Keep us updated.

  • I believe I know what this is, I had a feeling of Electrical Shocks going down my neck my Cervical Spine to be exact. Every time I would lean my neck the slightest forward I would get this Electrical Shock sensation. Starting at the base of my spine and the tips of my fingers and toes. It would slowly creep up my fingers to my hands up my arm to my shoulder and down my back. Starting at my toes to my feet and my ankles and up to my calves to my knees to my lower legs and upper legs my entire body felt like it was having a Major Charlie Horse. The next thing that would happen was I would collapse on the floor or fall the the floor and have a siezure type of experience from 30 seconds to five minutes. It started slowly and progressed over time. Eventually I could not go check the mail or drive or shower by myself because the episodes were happining so often. It was called Lhermitte's sign I had to go for Steroids Solumedroul 1000mg a day for 3 days. Best of luck to you. I then began taking Beta Seron Beta 1b an Interferon and within 3 days the symptoms were going away and I was getting my life back. Blessings, stay Strong.

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