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Hi, my name is Vicki, I live in Northern New York with my husband, Jim and our 17 yr old daughter, Sarah. I'm originally from Utah, which is where I met my husband, when he was in the Air Force and stationed at Hill AFB. I have 4 children, Sarah is the youngest, Jennifer is 25 (lives in Utah), Christopher is 23 (lives in Utah), and Kirstin is 22 (in New York), and 2 grandchildren, Saydee 7, and Jaide 4 (Kirstin). I have had MS for 20 years, and refuse to let it beat me.

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  • Glad to hear that Vicki sound like you have an excellent support circle.

  • Hey Vickie,

    I'm Fancy1959 and I wanted to welcome you to the MSAA community. It's good to have another MS Warrior within our group. Your attitude is a lot like mine. MS might knock me down but I refuse to stay down. I keep getting back up. MS will not beat me. We have to have faith and pray the next new drug, the next new therapy, will be the one that will cure this dreaded monster. I also have a family. My husband and I live in central Kentucky. We have three sons and one daughter. Our daughter lives in Atlanta with her husband and a first grade daughter and a pre-school son. Those are our only grandbabies so far. Hopefully our sons will have the grandbabies a few years down the road. When they decide they are ready for them.

    We do not pretend to have all the answers on this website. But what we do have is emotional support and someone dealing with the same stuff your dealing with to talk to when you need to talk. A shoulder to cry on when it becomes too much to bear. And simply a way to share both good and bad Ideas that have worked and have failed for us when dealing with our own MS. The best part about healthunlocked is that you realize you are not in this fight alone. Never give up. Never give in. If MS knocks you down, i'll reach out to you to help you back up. If MS knocks someone along side you down reach out to them and pull them back up. Together we are stronger. Together we can beat this dreaded monster. Fight on MS Warrior! Fight on!

  • Hi Vicki from NY also but south western. Welcome to the group. I have found so much support here in just a few days and some smiles. : ) I think this message board was a great idea!

  • Hi!

    Where in NY do you live? I'm from Queens, but lived near Watertown for many years. My oldest daughter still lives there with six of my grandchildren. I'm living in SC, now. Trying to cope with the heat and humidity down here. 20 years? What meds have you been on? How are you doing? Keep going strong!

  • Hi, yes, I am 20 miles from Watertown, Lowville, to be exact. My husband teaches motorcycle safety to the soldiers on Ft. Drum.

    Oh, I've been on most of the meds out there, Avonex, Copaxone, Tysabri, Tecfidera, Solumedrol, and there's another one, I think, but I can't remember it right now.

  • I lived in Rodman. Anytime I find myself in NY, I have to go to Lowville for cheese! :) I'm on Copaxone. I don't have any real problems with it, but I hate that it is an injection. My husband and son give me my shots because I just can't stick myself. The sad thing is - I'm a nurse. And a big baby, obviously.

  • You'll have to let me know when you are in NY again, would be cool to meet up.

  • I agree! In the meantime, my email is

    Take care!

  • Mine is

  • Hello Vicky. I'm following Dr. Terry Wahls and Functional Medicine. My worst nightmare was taking Copaxone for 6 yrs. I recommend anyone to keep looking before getting into any medication protocols.

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