Hello everyone. Diagnosed 4 yrs ago, 55 yrs of age now. although I can remember some instances in my past that would indicate I had it earlier. I thought I could have this under control but seems to be getting harder to do that. It seems to be taking over to much of the life I do have left. I go to work every day, in wheelchair. Going to get physical therapy started back up as my goal is to get out of this darn chair and back on my feet. I need to be a productive member of society!!!

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  • Nice to meet you, rstockard.

    I applaud your perseverance and determination in the face of this disease. It is hard to achieve any victory, without a winning attitude and personal commitment.

    The added bonus is that you have already won a great prize, by becoming a member of this awesome community. You will find here some truly wonderful folks, with warm hearts and a wealth of common experience.

    I hope that the association blesses you, just as much as it has me.


  • Hi R Stockard ( my brain read this as Rockstar ! )

    So pleased you are still coping working : ) Good luck with your physio. I'm sure being in a wheelchair must be v. frustrating but never think that you are not a productive member of society. I have to do lots of activities sitting down now as my legs have limited use but I can still get jobs done : ) What kind of work do you do, if you don't mind my asking ? Angela x

  • Hi rstockard and welcome! I agree with angelite

    I'm sure u are contributing to society. You just do it while overcoming hurdles and with the added conveyance of a wheelchair (at least until you get your physio)

  • Hi there rstockard and welcome to our forum. Sounds like MS is taking you on a roller coaster ride 😞 Where you wake up every day and wonder, OK what do you have for me today? 😕☺

    Do you have a good support system? And what do you do?☺.

    As you can tell by our posts we talk about pretty much anything and everything here. But most of all Support each other!


  • Welcome rstockard !

  • Welcome! We all wish we didn't belong to the MS Club, but we help each other here with support and information.

    I recently read an unusual take on wheelchairs. The writer talked about her hatred of her wheelchair, seeing it as a prison. God gave her the ability to see it as the thing that frees her to be mobile when she otherwise would be bedfast.

    I hope you get your legs in better condition, however. But I applaud you for not letting the problem keep you from being active and working and doing what you can. Great attitude!

  • Good morning, rstockard, and welcome.

  • can't let it take over my life. I will continue to keep pushing!

  • That you go to work everyday in a wheelchair makes you a productive member of society. Stay positive! It will take you far.

  • rstockard Welcome my new friend! You will love this group! I will write more later. I have been writing for a little bit and I am just pooped and my mind is off somewhere!


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