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A little about me

Let's see MS was added to my laundry list of auto immune illnesses in 2008. I started after graduating law school with relapsing polychondritis, then Bipolar, then RA, then Hidradenitis suppurativa, then MS, then fibromyalgia, then Polycystic ovary syndrome. I have the normal bilateral hip, shoulder, knee tendonitis, as well as bursitis in both hips. (teach me to hit a tree skiing again).

How the doctors discovered my MS, well that's a journey in itself. I first started with leg dropping issues. I would be walking down the sidewalk and out of the blue, my leg would just drop out from underneath me and I would end up landing very hard on the sidewalk. At first, my doctor thought it was my back. (I do have major back problems). So a few months go by, then I start having horrible headaches. We try everything in the book. Nothing is working. Bleeds run in my family, so I asked for an MRI, after a month of no relief, and wanting to cut my head off. My doctor said that was reasonable, and we did the MRI. The MRI showed white matter. A neurologist was consulted, and after learning of the leg drop issues, and some other coordination issues, and spinal tap, it was determined I had MS.

My MS is remitting relapsing. I have a lot of silent MS issues. So if you saw me on the street you would have no clue I have MS. For that I feel blessed. But I know it's just a matter of time, at some point, my luck has to run out.

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