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Cervical Myelopathy

Congenital cervical stenosis

Had a bad fall 12 months ago. Sever pain in shoulder and down left arm. Was diagnosed with fractured scapula. As time went on, pain continued to come and go depending on my activity. Then the tingling and numbness started down that arm into my thumb and index finger. GP ordered mri. Inpression: high- grade acquired degenerative changes superimposed on congenital stenosis of the canal. Mass effect on cord at C3-c4, c5-c6, and c6-c7. Multilevel high grade foraminal stenosis. Combined high-grade central canal stenosisat C5-C6 T C6-C7.

I have been referred to a orthopaedic surgeon five weeks ago, but have heard nothing back! I am going to PT every week. I have a home traction unit. I am taking gabapentim and a high strength anti inflammatory. I will not take opioids. Does anyone have any advice for me? If I attempt to do anything, I’m in extreme pain. Feels like someone hit me on both shoulders with a baseball bat.🙁

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I went to a neurosurgeon. You should too. Do not do any traction!!!!


Thanks! I have finally got a referral. But it’s 6 months from now. Crazy! Why did you say not to use the traction?


I didn't respond to this the first time, however I would be concerned that traction could do further damage to any disc that may herniated or out of alignment. I would be careful using any device without the advice of a doctor. Mind you most of us responding have had at least one or more procedures on our spine. I am not a doctor. I just know mine said to never use one. That could be advise just for my condition.


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