Cervical Myelopathy with dizziness every day, Have to use a rollator so I don'tfall

Cervical Myelopathy with dizziness every day, Have to use a rollator so I don'tfall

I have extreme anxiety. Use diazapam (10 mg) and have done so for 45 years. Also take Zoloft (200 mg) per day and Zolpidem (10 mg) for sleep. All day long I am light headed and feel like I am on a boat, rocking back and forth. Anyone have or had any of these symptoms? I also have Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy. Maybe that is the cause?

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  • Hi Stacy are you a member of facebook.com/groups/myelopa... if not please join, you will find member after member with your symptoms. Yes I have extreme dizziness since I was a child but was only diagnosed with CSM at 44. I remember using the phrase 'it's like I'm on a boat' when I saw a doctor in A&E. I've had three ops and the dizziness is the first symptom to return each time. It's worse when I bend or reach up. When it's bad I feel like I'm falling from a great height when I close my eyes. I've been like this since early childhood - not being able to go on a swing or the roundabout. I have congenital stenosis and congenital fusion of C2/C3. Dizziness/vertigo; it's a symptom that is widely discussed on myelopathy.support's facebook page. Also myelopathy.org's site. Hope this helps a little. Have a good day. Alison.

  • That's a pretty heavy dose of Zoloft>Rather than think of medication problems-have you ever been tested for sleep apnea/ if you are foggy and not thinking clearly, have problems staying awake,feel like you are going to nod off at the computer-you might get tested for sleep apnea. I have severe sleep apnea-which went undiagnosed for years. Just a thought. Good Luck and best wishes.

  • Thanks so much, I will look into it next week.

  • Yes, have terrible nausea all the time and the rocking on a boat feeling.

    Symptoms of myelopathy. I can relate. Thank you for talking about it.