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Cervical Myelopathy

Cervical Myelopathy with dizziness every day, Have to use a rollator so I don'tfall

I have extreme anxiety. Use diazapam (10 mg) and have done so for 45 years. Also take Zoloft (200 mg) per day and Zolpidem (10 mg) for sleep. All day long I am light headed and feel like I am on a boat, rocking back and forth. Anyone have or had any of these symptoms? I also have Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy. Maybe that is the cause?

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Hi Stacy are you a member of facebook.com/groups/myelopa... if not please join, you will find member after member with your symptoms. Yes I have extreme dizziness since I was a child but was only diagnosed with CSM at 44. I remember using the phrase 'it's like I'm on a boat' when I saw a doctor in A&E. I've had three ops and the dizziness is the first symptom to return each time. It's worse when I bend or reach up. When it's bad I feel like I'm falling from a great height when I close my eyes. I've been like this since early childhood - not being able to go on a swing or the roundabout. I have congenital stenosis and congenital fusion of C2/C3. Dizziness/vertigo; it's a symptom that is widely discussed on myelopathy.support's facebook page. Also myelopathy.org's site. Hope this helps a little. Have a good day. Alison.


That's a pretty heavy dose of Zoloft>Rather than think of medication problems-have you ever been tested for sleep apnea/ if you are foggy and not thinking clearly, have problems staying awake,feel like you are going to nod off at the computer-you might get tested for sleep apnea. I have severe sleep apnea-which went undiagnosed for years. Just a thought. Good Luck and best wishes.


Thanks so much, I will look into it next week.

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Yes, have terrible nausea all the time and the rocking on a boat feeling.

Symptoms of myelopathy. I can relate. Thank you for talking about it.


I got the boaty feeling From the valium your on. Look up benzobuddies boaty feeling in support group .


According to a survey on my Facebook myelopathy support group and from personal experience of having cervical myelopathy I would have to say yes this can definitely be a symptom Even though doctors oftentimes don't agree. Cervical vertigo could be the culprit and since you do have myelopathy I believe that is what is likely causing your symptoms. I had a 3 level ACDF back in March and I am finally starting to feel better. I still suffer from pain in my upper and lower back, hips, and groin, but it has definitely improved compared to presurgery. Is surgery an option for you? The facebook group that I am a member of has over 8000 members and is extremely helpful. They are great for answering questions and you can even search key words in the search box on their home page to find what you are looking for .You can find the group here: facebook.com/groups/cervica... So sorry you are going through this. I hope that you can find some relief soon!