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Recommendations for facial skin conditions affecting confidence & social life?

I am a 23 year old male and have been having consistent problems with the skin on my face (mainly around the mouth area) for about 5 years. Normally it starts as one or two spots, then a breakout and when my skin is smooth and it feels like the spots are gone, I look in the mirror and there are red marks all around the area.

I have not had decent social life for the past few years, I have no confidence and it stops me from doing anything. I rarely look at myself in the mirror as it makes me depressed and if I am outside I start to panic when I see my reflection and the redness on my face.

I went to the doctors a couple years back and they prescribed me some prescription cream which just dried my skin out and didn't seem to change anything.

Overtime I have used numerous skin creams and facial washes (which probably doesn't help matters) and I have tried using vitamin tablets and drinking lots of water amongst other things I have read about.

It is really getting me down and stopping me from doing anything, I know I should probably go back to the GP but I'm so embarrassed about it and I'm afraid nothing will work.

I know most people are prone to the odd spot but when I cant even look at myself in the mirror without getting depressed or go out socialising, I just want my life back...

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Sounds like a condition called "perioral dermatitis" which is actually a localised form of acne

dont use steroid creams

take specialist advice

further information on


I have/had similar problems with social interactions, but found once I was 'doing' something that it didn't really matter as much. The trick is to share some activity, preferably something that takes some skill, effort or concentration. It can be helpful if it also includes physical exercise ~ and I found that riding (cycling) with a group, such as the CTC was both good exercise and a 'non-pressured' form of mild social inclusion.

A small amount of skin discolouration is really nothing when you can travel under your own steam over 100miles in a day ;) ~ any other 'similar' activity should also be good.

There is the direct effect of exercise on levels of endorphins, and potential benefits from fresh air and exposure to sun ~ producing Vitamin D which is good for skin in many ways... be sure to cover up and wear sun screen during the hottest parts of the day, particularly if your condition has a sensitivity to UV, and just to prevent burning in general...

Do see the doctor again ~ your surgery may have one (GP) doctor who specialises in skin conditions, or a referral to a (Consultant/Specialist) dermatologist may be appropriate.


Yes i need to book an appointment with my GP about my skin problem.



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