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I've got impetigo. What causes it and how best o treat it? I have been to my doctor and he has gven me flucloxacillin and loratadine. How long does it take to clear up?

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Hi whitegates,

My daughter had it as a child twice and as far as i remember it is highly infectious so do follow all doctor recommendations. I cant rember how long it took to fully go away,think that depends on size and other factors. I think my daughters seen improvement after couple days of treatment but obviously longer to be cleared .

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Thanks for your reply. What puzzles me is that, if it is so infectious, why hasn't my husband got it? We do use separate towels, etc. but I would have thoujght that he would catch it anyway.

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I didnt get it the both times my daughter did. She was very young at the time so i was very hands on.

Turn out it wasn't impetigo - my doctor got it wrong and scared everybody at the local health centre! It was lipodermatosclerosis. What's that?

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