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Hello,I have been battling with a skin infection for like 4years now.It started with an insect bite.I started scratching because it resulted into severe itching and subsequently it started to spread.I have seen a dermatologist,doctor and few pharmacist but the cream,ointment nd drugs haven't given me the desired treatment I need.Anyone with any useful information or advice or how it can be treated fast?

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Oh my lord I don't understand why you have not been admitted to hospital and treated with IV antibiotics with your leg like this. I would suggest the follow up treatment would be, amongst other things, prophylactic antibiotic supply if the infection re-appears. I would get back to your GP about this.

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I have seen a dermatologist who just prescribed diprosalic to apply for 2 weeks and then come to see her.I don't know wat she is going to say next.

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Hopefully that will begin to tackle the problem for you.

Is that necrotic tissue? It looks quite black in the photo.

I would pay privately to see an expert dermatologist because 4 years is a long time to have something that serious, you don't want to lose your foot.

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Dont know but insect bit me,I scratched cos it was itching and it became dark with time.The ones on my hards are gone but the leg region didn't heal

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Well if it was me, I would spend some money and see a private dermatologist who is an expert. That looks like a serious skin problem.

Try and get an actual diagnosis rather than letting them guess and experiment with drugs that aren't working.

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Well,I have seen a good dermatologist and she is already on my case

They said she is good but lets see the outcome of her diagnosis and prescriptions.


Hi Avwero,

Has your skin healed? I'm currently having the same problem for the last 2 years and the doctors are prescribing steroid creams.

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Yes,my legs are getting healed.I applied alot of sulphur ointment, diprosalic ointment and dermovate cream which was prescribed by a dermatologist.I also take loratidine orallyto reduce itching.

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